The Prophet (SAWA) said: The best of deeds after performing Prayers, is making a believer happy with a lawful act.

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السلام عليكم و رحمة الله و بركاته Could you please give the reference (arabic or english, does ‘t matter) in Ad-dhahabis book which mentions that Imam Ali (aleyhi assalam) never prayed behind any of the caliphs. I know you mentionned it during a tv programm once but unfortunately I forgot to wrote it down. Thank you very much
قال الذهبي صاحب تاريخ الاسلام :
لم يحضر علي مع الخلفاء جمعة ولا جماعة.

سير أعلام النبلاء , الذهبي 9 / 284 .
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AOA Q:If suppose there’s a non-Muslim who wants to know about Islam, the first thing he’ll do is study the Quran. And in there he’ll find things like believing in Tauheed, on Muhammad(saw) being the last prophet and on the day of judgment being as what defines Islam and what makes one a Muslim. When Allah has set the criteria of being a Muslim is so n so (tauheed, nabuwat, qayamat etc ) why didn’t He mention Imamat in His criteria, or did He? (In form of direct verses, not in tafaseer).So in short where are shia beliefs clearly written in Quran?
Answer:-  Every Muslim must believe and follow all the teachings of the Prophet =
Mohammad (SAWA) to become a believer (Momin). Allah (SWT) in Quran =
ordered all Muslims to obey the Prophet (SAWA)(Al-Nisaa;59, Al-Maa'edah =
92, Al-Noor;54, and 56 , Muhammad ; 33 , Al-Taghaabun ; 12).
All teachings of Shia Islam are either directly mentioned in Quran or =
by the Prophet (SAWA) whose obedience is obligatory on every Muslim =
according to Quranic verse.
More details can be found in

Mohammad Al-Musawi

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Are the alawis considered part of the Shia faith as per the opinion of the ithna asheri scholars?
Answer:-  Yes, Alawis are Muslims like all other Muslim sects.
Mohammad Al-Musaw

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Can Shia Muslim read Darood E Tanjina ?
Answer:-  It is not Haraam but better for you to read Dorood narrated from Alul Bayt (AS).

Question ID  3484  -  Non Shia Q&A -  2016-08-07 16:00:01
I am a Sunni Muslims and my question is that why do u guys curse the sahaba of the prophet and the wives of the prophet including hafsa and Aisha while the are the mothers of the believers
Answer:-  Your information about us is not correct. We never curse the companions of
the Prophet (SAWA) nor his wives. We curse only those who were been cursed
by Allah (SWT) in Quran and His messenger. Allah (SWT) cursed in Quran
those who disobey and hurt the Prophet, so we curse any one disobeyed and
hurt the Prophet (SAWA). Allah (SWT) cursed in Quran those who do
injustice. We do the same.
We highly respect the pious companions and pious wives of the Prophet
(SAWA) but we do not take good and bad as equal.
Mohammad Al-Musawi
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