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Question ID  4791  -  Taharat / Najasat
I follow Ayatullah Sistani. My nails are bleeding, how do I perform wudo?
Answer:-  You can put a bandage on the bleeding area and perform Wudhu and wipe on the bandage.

Question ID  4789  -  Taharat / Najasat
I follow Ayatullah Sistani. I have three questions. 1) In the shower (under tap connected to kurr water) my period blood fell on the floor that I saw but after the shower there were no traces of blood on the floor. There was some usual water near the drain, will the floor be considered najis? 2) Secondly if that part of the floor is najis then if the bathroom was washed again (not knowing if kurr or under-kurr water is used) the rest of the bathroom floor will be considered second mutanajjis or third? 3) Thirdly, will the feet of anyone standing on the rest of the floor be najis and what mutanajis will it be considered?
Answer:-  The floor on which Kurr water was flowing is Not Najis.

Question ID  4787  -  Taharat / Najasat
I follow Ayatullah Sistani. 1) My groin area produces a lot of sebum and when I go to the washroom, urine falls on that area and the water used to wash away urine does too. When I rub my hand on the area to clean it sebum (najis because urine was on that area) comes out that sometimes gets washed away and sometimes it doesn’t. 2) Similarly, after washing away the urine if I rub my skin then again sebum comes out. Am I najis or does sebum not affect the taharat process? Please answer all of these questions because its very distressing.
Answer:-  After washing the area which touched urine, it is Taahir and you should not worry at all.

Question ID  4786  -  Taharat / Najasat
I follow Ayatullah Sistani. Does sebum or dead skin or dirt on the body affect the taharat process if after washing the same dead skin, sebum and dirt remain on the body where the najasah was once present? Like for eg blood falling on the hand and then being washed but the dirt not being washed away with the blood?
Answer:-  Dead skin is not Najis.

Question ID  4784  -  Taharat / Najasat
I follow Ayatullah Sistani. If there’s a little dirt on a little piece of the skin near a bleeding nail and if water containing blood got on that skin and if then after the removal of blood the hand is washed thrice bht the dirt remains there, is it tahir?
Answer:-  Yes, it is Taahir.

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