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Question ID  2069  -  Medical Issues
Is permissable for Muslims to go and seek professional help from nonmuslim Psychologists and Therapists for personal issues, life problems, counseling etc.?
Answer:-  No, it is not permissible to seek guidance how to run your life properly
from those who have no faith in The Truth, except in scientific and medical
matters which do not have any thing to do with faith.
The concept and aim of life in Islam is different from it with non Muslims,
so Muslim should not seek guidance in his life matters from those who do
not share with him the same concept and aim of life.
Mohammad al-Musawi
Question ID  2067  -  Medical Issues
as salam maulana..hope ur in gud health. maulana we are facing a very big problem in our family..three months back my mother had a cardiac arrest and she had almost died while taking her to the hospitsl.. we wanted to take her back home but two of our family members didnt agree and we took her to d hospital where d doctors revive her heart.. she was kept on life support and after two months she regained conciousness..during this time also we took our doctors suggestion to remove d ventilator to whch again some of d family members didnt after spending a huge amount and her condition not recovering we brought her home and set up an icu with all d gagets..the condition is same wth bad bedsores whch are bleeding and she cant eat,drink or talk ,or move herself..the whole body is shaking wth jerks.sometimes she moves her lips and she ask for water but v cant as the ventilator pipe is still there though it is not used bt ,it cant b removed due to sm technical issue..the condition is so bad that we feel sad to c her helpless..plz suggest some dua for her problems and also if we can remove d oxygen or ventilator pipe from her gullet..i have been reading dua adeela for her .and all duas..plz help us ,its very painfull to c her in this condition.
Answer:-  Your serving your mother is a great chance for you from Allah (SWT) to gain
great reward. Remember how much she had suffered in bringing you up when
you were very little. Never feel tired from swerving her in every possible
Reciting Ziyarat Ashura is very great, as well as Sura Alhamd 70 times or
100 times a day.
You are not allowed to remove the ventilator or any life supporting
equipment from her as that might lead to killing her which is a major sin.
May Allah (SWT) help you and help her and grant her and you His mercy and
great reward.
Mohammad al-Musawi
Question ID  2057  -  Medical Issues
Salaamun alaikum Incase of any illness it is recommended to eat Khaake Shifa...but as far I know eating soil/mud is haraam. SO it is permissible to eat khaake shifa in any situation or it can be taken only in critical situations?? and also how much quantity is permissible. one last thing, is it allowed to take it directly or mixing with water. please explain. jazakallah
Answer:-  Khaake Shafa is the only material of non food which can be consumed for the
sake of Shifa. This is because of the authentic Hadeeths in Shia and Sunni
books that The soil of Imam husain (AS) has an effect for cure.
ذكر أبو السعود في شرحه حديثاً في حق الحسين ، وهو: "الشفاء في تربته،
والإجابة تحت قبته، والأئمة من ذريته أو عترته"..
The quantity is very small like one chick pea and it can be taken with or
with out water.
Mohammad al-Musawi
Question ID  1943  -  Medical Issues daughter is suffering from jaundice and very weak..... Is there any dua for fast recovery.....
Answer:-  Repeating this Quranic Verse : WA ITHA MARIDHTU FAHOWA YESHFEEN وإذا
مَرِضتُ فَهو يَشفين

Question ID  1922  -  Medical Issues blood pressure was high 6 months ago and from that day my hand was not working and still it is not working properly and I feel there any dua for fast recovery?
Answer:-  WA ITHA MARIDHTU FAHOW YASHFEEN وإذا مرضت فهو يشفين
As many times as you can.
Mohammad al-Musawi

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