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Question ID  766  -  Food & Drinks
assslam o alaikum, My muslim room-mate always invites his christian friend daily at dinner. The christian brings with him fish,chicken and some wet vegetable, and he also touches the bread with wet hands. Is it allowed to eat this food or eat with him.
Answer:-  Most of our Ulama say that non Muslims including Christians and Jews are
not Taahir, but Ayatullah Sistani says that Ahl e Kitab are not Najis,
although it is recommended precaution to avoid them. Chicken from non
Muslims is Najis because it is non Halal.
Mohammad al-Musawi
Question ID  763  -  Food & Drinks
Asslam-o-Alaikum, I am Syed Muhammad Wasi Haider(shia-asna-ashree from Pakistan). I am working as police advisor on United Nation Mission in Sudan. There are many christian and hindu herein our camp. They invite us on dinner etc. Can we eat food cooked by them. Can we drink in the same glass. To what extent we can we eat with them? Quran says if anyone do SHIRK, he is Najs, so they are Najs.can we eat with them. and what should we do in suchlike situation because if we dont eat with them, they think us a bigot.
Answer:-  If you know that the food or the drink is Najis, it will be forbidden for
you to consume it. You can eat and drink things which are not Najis
i.e. not touched with wetness by Mushrik.
Mohammad al-Musawi

Question ID  707  -  Food & Drinks
Can we eat Prawns? Thanks for your guidance.
Answer:-  Eating prawns is allowed in Islam.
Question ID  603  -  Food & Drinks
Sallam alaykum Syed, Ramadan Mubarak. I hope you are in good health. I wanted to ask question regarding electronic cigarettes, i have started to use them to stop smoking. They only contain nicotine and vegetable chemical. This has stopped me from smoking, but a few flavors can contain traces of alcohol. Not enough at all to get intoxicated. Is this permissible to use these flavors?
Answer:-  If the alcohol used in such cigarettes can intoxicate if used in more
quantities, then it will be forbidden to use small quantity of it as the
Hadeeth says : If big quantity of an item intoxicates, small quantity of
that item is forbidden.
Mohammad al-Musawi

Question ID  547  -  Food & Drinks
are we allowed to work in fast food restaurants which sell non halal products ( meat burgers) , we may be required to make these burgers, and sell them over the counter
Answer:-  If such non Halal food is sold to Muslims, it becomes Haraam ( forbidden) to work in preparing or selling it.
Mohammad al-Musawi

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