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Question ID  1396  -  Hadeeth
salaam maulana , want to ask u two questions, im suffering from cancer and i want to drop arizah for my health ,the arizah is frm the book GAUHAR E YARGHANA IMAM MEHDI\\\'s. if we r not able to drop it in the river or sea , can we drop it in the well which is in our godown and there r fish also in that well,, also it says that it has to be dropped before the sunrise which is also a bit difficult task so can we fix some other time for that.. my second question is that our old ancestral house has a grave of some shaheed person, now it so happend that in our family no one is happily married , all brother sisters are divorced . is it possible that it can be the wrath of that grave that it is so happening.. please maulana answer this question soon ,, im ver eager to do so that i recover from my illness... salaam
Answer:-  You can throw the Ariza in the well. You may do so any time and not
necessarily before sunset.
The no relation between the grave of the Shaheed at your family house and
bad things happening in the life of some family members.
Mohammad al-Musawi

Question ID  753  -  Hadeeth
Salamunalaikum, These days many people are saying that we should not read traditions (ahadeeth) of Masumeen (a.s.) because hadeeth can be zaheef etc. and normal people don't have capability to find out the reliability of ahadeeth. On the other hand we should only see what Ulama are saying, if they say something that is against the traditions then we should kiss the traditions and keep it aside and follow the ulama. What are the conditions of this, either it fits in all aspect or only in any particular field of Islam (e.g. furu) and isn't this approach making the people away from the ahadeeth of Masumeen(a.s.)?
Answer:-  We are been ordered by the Prophet Mohammad (SAWA) to keep following Quran
being the Word of Allah, and Ahlul Bayt (AS) being the most pious leaders
who now the meaning of Quran and have the real Sunnah of the Prophet
(SAWA). Leaving any one of these Two means deviating from the Right Path.
Those who claqim that we should leave Hadeeths, are wrong, simply because
we can never understand Quran and have the details of Islam with out
authentic Hadeeths.
No real Aalim could say any thing against authentic Hadeeths, but the Ulama
distinguish between authentic Hadeeths and unauthentic narrations.
Mohammad al-Musawi

Question ID  397  -  Hadeeth
Please explain this hadith- does it imply that one should NOT go to the mosque of Holy Prophet after eating Garlic and if one does not go it is OK? Whoever has eaten this pungent herb [i.e. garlic] should not approach our mosque. As for one who has eaten it and does not come to the mosque [as a result], there is no blame on him for it - Holy Prophet Muhammad al Mustafa (s.a.w.w.) [ Amali al-Saduq, p. 293, no. 8; Mizan ul Hikham page No. 621 ]
Answer:-  It is mentioned in many narrations that the person who eats garlic should
not go to the Masjid as the smell of the garlic might annoy others. He
should wait till te smell of garlic goes away then he can go to the Masjid.
There is no blame on him for not going to Masjid as far as the smell of
garlic is still with him, because of the more importance of avoiding
harming or annoying others, than going to Masjid.
Mohammad al-Musawi

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