Imam Ali (AS) said, 'The heart can only be made use of [to the best of its capacity] with generosity.

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Salam ji hmko ek bohat zarur khwab ki tabir jane h plz ise jawab jaldi diye gae kis bache ko khwab mai mare dkhne phr dkhe ki wo zinda ho jai dafan krte waqt ise khwab ki kya matlab hai khuda ki waste jaldi bata diye plzzz
Answer:-  Wa Alaykum Assalam wr wb
You May Ask a trusted local Aalim.
Your question is not clear.

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Ariz Aariz in dono name ke spelling ki arbic ma kya mane h aur dono arbic m kaise likha gae
Answer:-  عارض
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Aariz name meaning in arbic
Answer:-  Aariz عارض means accidental being cloud or any accidental thing.
It is is not a very good name because it came in the Quran for punishment of the sinners. عارض ممطرنا
> Wassalam
Mohammed Al-Musawi

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Who is Dhul Qarnayn in Quran
Answer:-  >

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Aslam alikum i have read in Quran 5:51 that christen and jews cannot be your friends or Allies. but i can not understand for what reason this ayat revealed ? what is its explanation of (5:51)?
Answer:-  There is a misunderstanding caused by incorrect or inaccurate translation;
the verse does not say 'do not be friendly with Christians and Jews' rather
it says 'do not be followers of them or part of them' as you read
=D8=A8=D8=B9=D8=B6=D9=87=D9=85 =D8=A3=D9=88=D9=84=D9=8A=D8=A7=D8=A1 =D8=A8=
Which means: they are part of their own community, in conclusion. the
Muslim is not allowed to give up his identity for the sake of being part or
a follower of non Muslims.
Mohammad Al-Musawi

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