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Question ID  493  -  Womens Issues
Dear Sir ASAK Can women sit outside masjid ul haram during the time of menses? Basically Sheikh can you please explain in detail? I know women cant enter any mosque during menses. Best regards
Answer:-  Woman in menses is not allowed to enter Masjid, but sitting outside the Masjid is allowed. Many ladies in menses sit on the Safa which closed to Masjid al Haraam but not part of it. Sitting on Safa itself is recommended.
Mohammad al-Musawi
Question ID  428  -  Womens Issues
Salaam sayyed, I am using a family planning method (cupper T) which extends my period to 10 days instead of my normal days 7 or 8 days. Also, the interval between 2 periods is now 2 weeks or 15 days instead of my usual 3 weaks. My question is should pray after counting the usual days or wait for 10 days? Should I stop praying when it starts? I follow Ayat. Khamnei
Answer:-  If your period has become ten days then you should take it as ten days. Stop praying when it starts and perform Ghusl and pray when it ends.
Mohammad al-Musawi
Question ID  389  -  Womens Issues
If a girl's age is 13 now, can a picture of her without hijaab when she was 7 years old be shown to a non-mehram
Answer:-  As she is Baalgh now, and her picture is with out Hijab, it is not allowed
to show her picture to non Mehram man.
Mohammad al-Musawi
Question ID  345  -  Womens Issues
If a mutah female ,keeping in a mind of her husband and press her breast does she doing a sinful act and if yes then why? Wasalam
Answer:-  Mut'a wife just like permanent wife is allowed to remember her husband and
enjoy herself by remembering him, but she is not allowed to masturbate
using her own body with out her husband body.

Question ID  333  -  Womens Issues
Sallam, can a woman use bright colour of clothings like white, pink, purple etc, also can a muslimah work as a sallonist, fixing hair for pupile or plating for pupil with attachment?
Answer:-  Muslima dress should be modest and not attractive. She should avoid wearing c=
olours which can attract. She is allowed to work in saloon as far as the wor=
k she does does not include encouraging sin.
Mohammad al-Musawi=20

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