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Question ID  2389  -  Womens Issues
Salam, Question: Lady in period of menses or period of delivery babe ,can she read any surah al Quran or teaching Quran to her kids .tq . Alhamdulillah converted Shia 2 yrs ago n need a lot of guide
Answer:-  She is allowed to recite Quran except the four Verses of obligatory Sajda
in Al-Alaq, Al-Najm, Al-Sajda and Fussilat.
Mohammad Al-Musawi

Question ID  2272  -  Womens Issues
Salaam I wanted to know im currently pregnant and im having milk discharge whilst praying i was wondering can i still pray or is my prayer not valid also im having discharge from down below due to the baby is prayer not allowed or allowed in these two conditions. Many Thanks.
Answer:-  Such discharge does not stop you from performing Prayers (Namaz). You must
perform all your obligatory Prayers till you deliver. After delivery the
bleeding will stop you Praying because it will be Nifaas. Nifaas usually
lasts same number of days of your monthly menstrual period but not more
than ten days.
Mohammad Al-Musawi
Question ID  2262  -  Womens Issues
Is a woman allowed to apply hair dye during her period (hayz)?
Answer:-  Yes it is allowed but Makrouh (disliked).
Mohammad Al-Musawi
Question ID  2140  -  Womens Issues
is it necessary for a women to tie her hairs during namaz or shia can pray namaz while her hairs open and in hijab? Also please elaborate if the Jura is allowed in islam which gives like a camel shape even in hijab. What is the view of Ayytallah sistani on the above senarios
Answer:-  Hijab is must in Namaz , but it is not Wajib on the woman to tie her hair
during Namaz.
Hijab needs the woman to cover her hair and body completely. Making the
hair in certain shape which is seen by non Mahram is not allowed.
Question ID  2085  -  Womens Issues
Assalamalikum sir I reside in Al madina al munawarrah. Its about my friend after six years of her marriage she conceived and alhumdulilah completed her four months of pregnancy with regular check ups with the doctor. But two days back she had severe stomach pains by the time she could think of taking any help her baby expelled out. It was a male child. We then rushed her to hospital and later burried the child in jannatul bakhi. My friend is in a state of shock. What she should do now with regards to ghusl salah and planning a baby again. Reply ASAP Jazakallah khair Aisha
Answer:-  First of all, she should accept what every comes from Allah (SWT) and be
sure that her patience will bring her reward as the Hadeeth says that the
child will wait for his parents on the gate of the Paradise.
Ghusl depends on the stop of the bleeding after the miscourage. Bleeding
after discourage is like Nifaas which means it can be any period between
one minute of bleeding till ten days of bleeding. When it is over, she has
to perform Ghusl of Nifaas, and pray as usual.
Repeating Estighfaar is very important and useful for getting children and
Rizq and many other benefits.
Mohammad al-Musawi

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