Death Anniversary of Hazrat Abu Talib (as)

Dated: May 4, 2016

Death Anniversary of Hazrat Abu Talib (as)
On the sad occasion of the death anniversary of Imam Ali (as)’s father, hazrat Abu Talib (as), the uncle of the Prophet (sawa), World Ahlul Bayt Islamic League (WABIL) extends its condolences to the Imam of our time Imam Mahdi (atfs), the Ahlul Bayt (as), all righteous scholars and all believers.
Abu Talib (as), whose real name was Imran, was the main supporter and protector of the Prophet Muhammad (sawa). History tells us that he was a noble respected member of the Quraish tribe, and indeed his role in the advent of Islam was central to the survival of the faith. Abu Talib (as) raised the Prophet after the demise of the Prophet’s grandfather, he recited the nikah of the Prophet (sawa) with lady Khadija (sa), and during the three years of sanctions at the hands of the pagan tyrants, it was in the valley of Abu Talib that the Muslims took sanctuary. Throughout the life of Abu Talib, no pagan dared attack the Prophet openly.
However, Muslim history has meted out the greatest disservice imaginable to hazrat Abu Talib. This has been through forged narrations that actually were the result of enmity against Imam Ali (as), hence to divest him of his rightful place as successor to the Prophet, the Bani Umayyad rulers elevated their own genealogies of corrupt rulers by presenting them as loyal Muslims, and demonised the family of Imam Ali, by starting with putting his father out of the pale of Islam.
Sunni sources claim that, God forbid, Abu Talib (as) will dwell in Hellfire. However, Sunni sources themselves testify to how this could not be possible, and how Abu Talib was indeed a staunch believer in Islam and was right from the beginning of his life on the path of Ibrahim (a.s) as a Hanif, monotheist.  Abu Talib never worshipped idols, he never consumed intoxicants, he never ate from haram, he never took interest, nor did he abuse or ever oppress anyone.  These traits could not be possible without faith. Both Tarikh Tabari and Tarikh Ibn Kathir state that when the pagan Makkans approached Abu Talib telling him to stop his nephew from preaching the message of Islam, Abu Talib in fact told the Prophet to go forth in preaching Islam. The Prophet (sawa) always counted on Abu Talib’s support. According to the Sharh of Ibn Hadid, another Sunni source, Abu Talib said, ‘I believe that Muhammad's faith is the best of all the religions of the Universe.’ Only a believer could utter such a statement. Indeed, let us be clear, that only a believer could raise the Prophet, feed him pure halal food, and recite his marriage vows. It is unthinkable that a non-believer would have carried out all these acts, as it is equally inconceivable that the Prophet (sawa) would be raised and fed by a non-believer.
The most damaging insult to the memory of hazrat Abu Talib (as) is the following narration from Sunni sources:
"Narrated Al-Musaiyab: when Abu Talib was on his death bed, the Prophet went to him while Abu Jahl was sitting beside him. The Prophet said, "O my uncle! Say: None has the right to be worshipped except Allah, an expression I will defend your case with, before Allah." Abu Jahl and 'Abdullah bin Umaya said, "O Abu Talib! Will you leave the religion of 'Abdul Muttalib?" So they kept on saying this to him so that the last statement he whispered to them (before he died) was: "I am on the religion of 'Abdul Muttalib." Then the Prophet said, "I will keep on asking for Allah's Forgiveness for you unless I am forbidden to do so." Then the following Verse was revealed: "It is not fitting for the Prophet and the believers to ask Allah's Forgiveness for the pagans, even if they were their near relatives, after it has become clear to them that they are the dwellers of the (Hell) Fire." (Quran  9:113). (Sahih Bukhari 5.223. also Sahih Bukhari 2.442, Sahih Bukhari 6.197, Sahih Bukhari 6.295.)”
There are several problems with this narration: firstly, the gathered companions of the likes of Abu Jahl all attested to hearing the ‘whisper’ of a dying man, and yet years later none of them remembered the publicly announced declaration of Imam Ali (as)’s wilayah at Ghadeer! Secondly, the religion of Abdul Muttalib (the Prophet’s grandfather) was in fact the Hanif (monotheistic) religion of Ibrahim (as), therefore even making that declaration was not incriminating in any way. Thirdly Abu Talib (as) passed away at least 2 – 3 years before hijrah, whereas Surah Tawbah was revealed about ten years later in Madinah. The falsification of the above narration is apparent from these three facts alone.
Fourthly, when the Prophet was asked about Abu Talib, he said, ‘All the good, I hope it from my Lord (for Abu Talib)’. (Tathkirat al_khawaas 10) (Al-Ghadeer 7:374).  Imam Mohammad Al-Baqir (a.s.) said: ‘If the faith (Imaan) of Abu Talib is put in a scale against the faith of all people, the faith of Abu Talib will be more weighty. Don’t you know that Ameerul Mu’mineen Ali (a.s.) used to send people to perform Hajj on behalf of Abullah and Aaminah (Prophet’s parents) and Abu Talib as long as Imam Ali was alive , then he made a will to continue that after his death.’ (Shaikh al-Abtah 32, Al-Ghadeer 7:381, Abu Talib Mo’min Quraish by Al-Khunaizi 257). It is obvious that Hajj can only performed on behalf of Muslims. 
Imam Jafar Al-Sadiq (a.s.) asked Younus Bin Nabatah:” O Younus, what do people say about Abu Talib? Younus replied: People say that he is in a shallow in the fire from which his brain is boiling. Imam al-Sadiq (a.s.) said: The enemies of Allah are lying. Abu Talib (in the paradise) is with the prophets, the truthful, martyrs and pious people, who are the best to be with.” (Shaikh al-Abtah 32, al-Hujjah 17, al-Ghadeer 7:394 from Kanz al-Fawaa’ed).
Fifthly, the mother of Imam Ali (as), Fatima bint Asad (sa) was a known believer, and was given a full Islamic funeral: how could a Muslim woman be married to a non-Muslim? If that was so, would this not be known by the Prophet (sawa) and could he have allowed such a gross breach of Shariah? Therefore logically we know that any insult of hazrat Abu Talib (as) is in fact an insult of the Prophet (sawa) himself. The Prophet (sawa) mourned for the entire year that hazrat Abu Talib (as) passed away. Knowing that it is not lawful to mourn for kafirs, the Prophet (sawa) would not have been so bereaved. Further, the Quran states, “He (the Prophet sawa) does not speak of his own desire: it is no less than an inspiration sent down to him.” (53: 3-4). That being the case, the Prophet (sawa) would never have loved nor mourned an unbelieving uncle so sincerely.
The Prophet (sawa) stated that no-one loves Ali (as) but a believer and no-one hates Ali (as) but a hypocrite. Attributing kufr (disbelief) to his father was a propaganda spread by the house of Muawiya and nothing short of hatred for Imam Ali (as).
On this day when the Prophet (sawa) was so grieved by the loss of his protector and father figure, we ask our Sunni brethren who are sincere in their faith, to really explore their sources and their hearts, to question the disservice done to a man who spent his entire life protecting and loving the Mercy to the Universe (sawa), and to seriously raise the question, could he have had even one iota of disbelief in him?
Peace and blessings be upon the noble Abu Talib.
Sayed Mohammad Al-Musawi
World Ahlul Bayt Islamic League (WABIL)
London U.K

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