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Condemnation of Attack on Hazaras in Afghanistan

July 23, 2016

World Ahlul Bayt Islamic League (WABIL) strongly condemns the utterly appalling devastating twin suicide attack on peaceful Shia Hazara protestors in Deh Mazang Square, Kabul, Afghanistan, carried out by the illegitimate terrorist organisation ISIS.  We condole the families of the 80 killed and 200 injured victims.
The Hazara Shias were protesting against the constant discrimination that they face in Afghanistan, and were raising their voice against the deliberate lack of electricity facilities in Hazara dominated areas. The Shias of Afghanistan have faced discrimination for years, and coupled with the terror attacks, they are constantly under threat and attack.
ISIS is an anti-Islamic, unholy, blood-thirsty terror organisation, funded, armed and equipped by equally terrorist-minded bodies and states. WABIL condemns all groups who are the backbone and invisible support network of ISIS.
We urge the Afghnai government to afford specific protection of Shias who are facing a genocide of huge proportions now. WABIL believes that just condemning the terror is not enough. The danger from terrorism can never be eliminated without tackling the theological root of terrorism ​which is extreme Wahabism. Unfortunately, such a deviant theology is being taught in hundreds of centres, while it actually goes against the basic teachings of the Quran and the Prophet Mohammad (SAWA). We ask the government of Afghanistan to root out both ISIS and the Taliban, as both pose a threat to humanity, and we ask the government to heighten its security. It must stop treating the Hazaras as second class citizens by providing them equal civic rights as others, and by ensuring their faith, life and property are protected.
​Let all humanity stand united against terrorism not only by condemnation statements but also through action to counter the deviant theology of terrorism​ taught by Wahabi extremism.
WABIL offers its prayers for the victims of these terror attacks.
World Ahlul Bayt Islamic League (WABIL)
London, UK       
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