Dated: March 20, 2015

In the name of Allah the Most Merciful Most Beneficent.
We are from Allah, and to Him we return.
The World Ahlul Bayt Islamic League (WABIL) hereby condemns the utterly appalling, cowardly and shocking triple suicide bomb attack on two mosques, al-Badr and al-Hashush, in Sanaa, Yemen, during Friday congregational prayer today, killing 122 and injuring over 200. Among the dead is the cleric Dr. Murtadha al-Mahturi, a personal long-time friend of WABIL who spent his entire life serving the Muslim ummah. Our prayers and thoughts are with all those martyred and their families.
This is a vicious, inhuman, barbaric attack. Almost every week we hear of attacks on Shia Muslims while at prayer in the houses of Allah, in mosques which are meant for the glorification of The Creator and are supposed to be a sanctuary. It is indeed shameful that these attacks are carried out by people who claim to be Muslims, especially during Friday congregational prayers when the mosques are at full capacity. No human being, let alone one claiming to be a Muslim, would ever attack any house of worship, especially mosques with the inscriptions of the Quran and Allah’s Attributes. It is a dark day for humanity, when devout men women and children are blown to shreds while praying, and the world looks on.
We condemn this cowardly criminal act, we stand with the victims and the people of Yemen who want peace, and we urge the Government of Yemen to take decisive action against the perpetrators and their support networks. The vicious cycle of violence against Shia Muslims at the hands of takfiri wahabi salafis, must be stopped.
Sayed Muhammad Al-Musawi
World Ahlul Bayt Islamic League
20 March 2015

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