The Prophet (SAWA) said: The best of deeds after performing Prayers, is making a believer happy with a lawful act.

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salamun alaikum sir mai ek shia ladka hun meri umr 17 saal hai mai ek sunni ladki se mutah karna chahta hun is it permissible for a boy of 17 year old
Answer:-  Mutah or permanent marriage with a virgin girl needs her father's
permission. If her sect allows marriage with out her father's permission,
then you will be allowed to do it.If you feel that there is no way to save
you from falling in sin but to do Mutah with this girl, I advise you to
avoid sexual intercourse.

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Agar hazrat ali karamullah wajhu ko, hazRat siddiqe akbar se bughz tha tu unhune unke peeche 2 saal namaz kyu ada ki. 2- agar hazrat siddiqe akbar ne khatoone jannat ka haq nahi diya tha tu hazrat ali ke hath main jab khilafat aayei tu unhone unke beton ko maan ka haq kyu nahi diya? Hazrat abu bakr par etbaar nahi hazRat umar par yaqeen nahi hazrat usman par bharosa nahi tu hazrat ali karamullah wajhu ki zaat par tu etmaad hai na aapko . Ye mere 2 sawal iska barahe karam aap jawab de Wasalam Manam az kamtar ghulame ghulamane ahlebait. -haqeer faqeer lareb alvi
Answer:-  1. Hazrat Ali (AS) kept patience (Sabr) just to save Islam from civil war
between Muslims which could lead to total collapse of Muslim society.
Hazrat Ali (AS) said openly ( I will not fight against those who took my
right, as far as Muslims are safe and injustice is done only on me.)
You may read Khutba Shaqshaqiyyah to see what hazrat Ali (AS) said.
2. Fadak was given to Hazrat Fatima (AS) by the Prophet (SAWA). Abu bakr
and Umar took it from her. She objected on them in front of Muslims in the
Masjid. Fatima does not say but the truth. Imam Ali (AS) did not take it
back because he did not want to used the government for any personal
benefit. Umar Bin Abdul Aziz gave Fadak back to the children of Hazrat
Mohammad al-Musawi

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A wahabi has said to me that shia have created the ghaybat..and that The 12th Imam is a myth. He said that since Imaam Hasan Askati died young he had no heir, so the Shia fabricated the existance of Imam Mehdi (A). Kindly give me a strong answer for him.
Answer:-  =EF=BB=BF
Birth of Imam Mahdi (A.S.) in Sunni Sources
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A number of traditions have been narrated from the Holy Prophet (s.a.w.a.)
of Islam and the truthful Imams of Ahle-bayt (a.s.), regarding the uprising
of Qaem-al-Mahdi towards the end of this world and his overthrowing the
unjust and tyrant rulers and filling the earth with justice and fair play.
Hence the unjust Abbasi caliphs were very much afraid of the uprising of
Qaem al Mahdi, They utilized their entire resources to finish him. Ten
years before the birth of Hazrat Mahdi (ATFS), the then caliph called his
grandfather Imam Ali Naqi (a.s.) from Medina to capital Samarrah so that a
close watch can be made on his family.
In the time of Imam Hasan Askari (a.s.), the spies of the government in the
forms of doctors midwives and hawkers kept a close watch that im
Mahdi-e-Mawood is born he may be immediately killed.
Under these circumstances it was clear that the birth of Imam al Mahdi will
be a concealed one like the birth of Hazrat Ibraheem (a.s.) and Hazrat
Moosa (a.s.).
The concealed birth of Imam al Mahdi (a.s.) was taken by some people that
he is not born rather he will be born later. We would like to produce
certain arguments as evidences to show that Imam al Mahdi (a.s.) is already
1-A lots of traditions have been narrated by the Holy Prophet of Islam and
Ahlul-bait (a.s.) that "Hazrat Qaem" is the ninth son of Imam Hussain
(a.s.), eight son of Imam Zainul Abeadeen (a.s.), and the son of Imam Hasan
Askari (a.s.) These types of glad tidings are in plenty. These traditions
have been recorded by Shia and Sunni scholars alike in their books and for
the truthfulness of these traditions we can, without an iota of doubt say
that Imam al Mahdi is already born otherwise their sayings would be counted
as false.
2-Imam Hasan Askari himself has said to an Alawi Sayed, Mohammad bin Ali
Hamz, "Waliya-e-Khuda and my successor was born on the dawn of 15th Shabaan
255 Hijri".
3-Imam Hasan Askari (a.s.) has showed his son Hazrat Hujjat to many of his
servants and trusted followers (who are sure not to give the message to the
Abbasi Caliph) and they have given wittness to the birth of Hazrat-e-Mahdi
One of the servant of Imam Hasan Askari (a.s.) Abu Ganim Khadim says, "A
son was born to Imam Hasan Askari (a.s.). He named him as Mohammad.
When the child was three days told, Holy Imam showed him to his companions
and told them that this child will be your leader and my successor."
Hence, Shias without entertaining a slightest doubt believe that Imam al
Mahdi (a.s.) is already born to Imam Hasan Askari (a.s.) Their belief on
the birth of Imam al Mahdi (a.s.) is as their belief in the birth of
Prophet of Islam (s.a.w.a.). As far as Ahle Sunnat are concerned,
practically all of them believe in "The reality of Mahdaviyat" but they say
that Imam al Mahdi (a.s.) will be born in Akheruz-Zaman.
The writings of these Ahle Sunnat Scholars are centered around this
quotation, "Abul Qasim Mohammad bin Askari was born in Samarrah in the year
255A.H. or some other year.
He is the same Mahdi Mawood who is mentioned in reliable and correct Ahle
Sunnat traditions and there is not at all any possibility that he may be
some other person".
Late Shaikh Najmudden al Askari in the first chapter of his book 'Al Mahdi
al Mawood al Muntazar' have mentioned the names of forty Ahle Sunnat
Scholars who accepted the birth of Imam al Mahdi (a.s.) Similarly the
contemprory scholar Shaikh Lutfullah Safi in his book Muntakabul Asar has
mentioned the names of 26 Ahle sunnat Scholars who are of the opinion that
Imam al Mahdi is already born.
Here we are quoting 20 narrations for brevity. Those who are intrested in
more references they may please refer to following books and also other
books written on this topic.
1.Mohammad Ibn Talha Halabi ash Shafaee in his book "Matalibus-Sool
fi-Manaqibe Ale Rasool" says, "The twelveth chapter about Abil Qasim
Mohammed ibn Hasan------Al Mahdi, The Proof (of Allah), The Caliph, The
pious The Awaited----then he was born in Samarraa--till the end of his
And he also says, "Al Mahdi, he is the son of Hasan Askari and he was born
in Samarah."-----till the end of the statement.`
2. Mohammed bin Yousof al Ganji shafaee in his book "Al Bayan fi Akhbare
Sahibuz zaman, page 336 says, "Surely Mahdi is the son of Hasan Al Askari
he is alive, and existing from Ghaibat till now.
3. Mohammed bin Ahmad Maliki famous as Ibn-Sabbagh in his book
Fusool-ul-Mohimmah" page 273 Says "Abu Qasim Mohammed Hujjat
Ibn-Hasan-e-Askari was born in Samarrah in 255 AH"------till the end.
4. Sibte-Ibn Jauzi-e-Hanafi in his book "Tazkertul Khawas" page 88 (old
edition) says. His son (i.e. son of Imam Hasan-e-Askari) is Mohammed who is
Imma." Then again he says in the chapter of "Hujjat-al-Mahdi"---"He is
Mohammed bin Hasan bin Ali ----- and his Kunniyat is Abul Qasim and he is
last Hujjat. The master of time.
The Qaem and Awaited and he is last of the Imam"------till end of the
5. Ahmed bin Hajar Al-Makki in his book Sawaiq-al-Mohreqah page 127, while
discussing about Imam Hasan-e-Askari says, "Other than Abul Qasim
Mohammed-al-Hujjat he did not have any successor.
And his age at the death of his father was five years and Allah gave him
wisdom"------THE END---
References :
1. Shabrawi Shafaee Book : Al-Athaaf be hubbil Ashraaf
2. Abdul wahab-e-Sha'araani
Book : Al Yawa qeet-o-wal Jawaahir
3. Sheikh Abdullah Madani Shafaee
Book : Ar-Riyaazy uz Zaahirah
4. Serajuddeen Ar Rafai
Book : Sehaah ul Akhbaar
5. Al Ustaz Behjat Afandi
Book : Muhaakamah
6. Al Hafiz Mohammed bin Mohammed Hanafi Nakshbandi
Book : Faslul Khitab.
7. Sulayman Qonduzi-e-Hanafee
Book : Yanabee ul Mawaddah.
8. Sablanjee-e-Shafaee
Book : Noor ul Absaar.
9. Ibn Khallakaan.
Book : Wafayaat-ul-Ayaan
10. Ibn Khashshab
Book : Tarikh-o-Mawaaleedil Aimmah
11. Abdul Haq Dahlavi.
Book : Risalah -fi- Ahwal-e-Aimmah
12. Mohammed Ameen Baghdadi Sowaidi
Book : Sabaaek-uz-Zahab
The Belief in Mahdaviyat & Sunni Scholars:
In the present times, the worldwide condition of Islam is such that,
despite of its being divine and veracious (truthful) religion it is
despised by many upto the extent of enmity. The reason being false
propaganda and baseless misconceptions.
Same is the conditions of belief in 'Mahdaviyat' in Islamic world. And
inspite of it being one of the cardinal beliefs, majority of Muslims
consider it as fictitious and fabricated one.
There is a group among them who either willingly or unwillingly accept this
belief due to chain of narrations.
But they reject those traditions which is related with the attributes and
personality of Hazrat Mahdi (A.S.).
Whatsoever misunderstandings regarding the belief in 'Mahdaviyat are there,
two groups of scholars are responsible for that. Firstly, if we cast a
cursory glance on the history of Muslim rulers and their times we will see
there were always be a group of people, who apparently by their attries and
traits were scholars but in reality their beliefs and ideologies were that
of an ignorant man, their behavior were sufficiently convincing of their
They were those who at times in order to conceal falsehood and at other
times to prove the government as a divine government committed every
vicious and villanious deed.
Let us call them as "Imitative Scholars", (Since they alwasy imitated the
shadow of falsehood).
These scholars went on a spree to propagate against the belief in
Mahdaviyat in several ways. Sometimes the traditions related to Mahdaviyat
were regarded weak.
Sometimes, they added such a phrase to be relevant and suited the Imposter
Mahdi' and in this way, they shatter the very foundation of this belief.
And following in the foot-steps of the same scholars, some recent scholars
have rejected the fundamentals of this belief and considered it an
absolutely un-Islamic belief, fabricated by Shias.
"The second group of those who reject this belief are those whose thinking
have been influenced by materialistic outlook and they breath in the
environment of material-ism.
Thus materialism had penetrated even into their beliefs. Consequently,
either they reject transcendental and hidden aspects from their base, or
they try to mould them into materialistic frame-work.
Leave aside the aspect of Mahdaviyat, they have not even spared the belief
in Revelation, Prophethood and above all :
Monotheism.........................The only reason being that after
accepting the materialistic ideas, it is impossible to believe in
transcedental ideas. Since the belief in Mahdaviyat is also a belief in
hidden concept and more over to believe that Hazrat Mahdi (a.s.) is a
mortal like us and though he passes his life amongst us, he is far from our
Hence this belief for materialists is like adding insult to injury.
Thus to relieve themselves from this belief they reject this idea
outrightly and refuse to accept the existence of Hazrat Mahdi (a.s.).
Subsequently, the resufal of first group increases the haughtiness of the
second group.
There are innumerable replies to the doubts and baseless notions of both
the forementioned groups.
And these doubts themselves are self-contradictoyr and inherantly weak. But
it is not possible for us to quote those replies over here.
Interested readers may refer to the books compiled redundently to refute
the ideas of skeptics and disbeliever, only through those parameters which
are accepted by consensus of Muslims Viz 'Quran and Traditions And in this
regard, we will also furnish proofs from some very reliale and trustworthy
Quranic exponents and traditionalists of 'Ahl-Sunnat from their very
authentic books.
And for the understanding of a layman we will also produce some historical
evidences from historys and view points of ancient sunni scholars.
So that the truth becomes manifest and explicit and righteous may be
notified from them.

I) The Interpreters of Quran : have mentioned
coutless ayats regarding Hazrat Mahdi (A.S.) from Quran. And moreover many
books have been complied by the name of "MAHDI IN QURAN". But over here we
will confine our discussion to those ayats which, interpreters have related
it to Hazrat Mahdi (A.S.) by some source or reference.
1) Imam Abu Ishaq Thalabi who is a renown exponent of Quran writes in his
exeges in "The ayat of Quran means the war between Quraish and Almawali in
which Quranish will emerge victorious realtes to which means the Rulers of
Bani Abbas and is letter to Hazrat Mahdi which means! chapter.
7 related from Naeem Ibne Hammad)
2) Imam Abu Ishaq Thalabi writes in the of 9th ayat of sura-kahf which is
particular to Ashabe Khaf that Holy Prophet (as) said that : Mahdi (a.s.)
will say Salam to Ashabe-Khaf and Ashabe-Kahf will reply to ti And by the
order of God will again revert to their condition, and will not rise before
Quiyamat (2-Iqdud-Dorar-chapter 7).
3) Muqatil Ibn Sulaiman and his followers regarding the ayat opined that it
is concerning the re-appearance of Hazrat Mahdi (a.s.) Over here refers to
(i.e. the hour of re-appearance) of H. Mahdi (a.s.)
4) The author of Nurul-Absaar, Shablanji writes in his book on page no.
188. In the book so tafsir the details of ayat (Sura Zukhruf Ayat) is
mentioned as it is pertaining to H. Mahdi (a.s.) who is in the offspring of
Janabe-Fatema (a.s.).
Reference : As-Sawaaequl Mohreqa page. 96, Is aafur-Raghebin page. 156,
Sura Zukhruf ayat-61).
5) Allama Shahabuddin whos is popularly known as Malakul-Ulamam Shamsuddin
Ibn Umar Al-Hindi, who had compiled as tafsir by the name of 'Al-Bahrul
Mawaj' writes in his tafsir on the authority of Jabir Ibn Abdullah Ansari,
he quotes a tradition that : Jabir went to meet Janabe-Zahra (a.s.). He saw
she is having tablets over which names of Imams were inscribed.
who were from the progeny on H.Fatema (a.s.).........Then name of
Zainul-Abedin who is the son of Husain, who is father of nine Imams, then
next Imam Mohammad Baqir (a.s.) and upto the ninth Imam Mohammad (after
Husain) who is Al-Hujjatullah Al-Qaem Imam Mahdi (a.s.) He will disappear,
will have long life.
Like among believers, Hazrat Isa, Hazrat Ilyas and H.Khir were having
longlife and among disbelievers. 'Dajjal' and Saamri' were having

II Traditionists.
1) Ahmed Ibn Hanbal in his 'Musnad' and Tirmizi, Abu Dawood and Ibn Maajah
in their 'Sehah' record one tradition verbation as.......Translation. "Even
if a single day will remain in the tenure of this world, then Allah will
raise a man from my progeny who fill this earth with fustice as it will be
replete with injustice and oppression". (Is aafur-Raghebin,
Nurul-Absar--134, Al-Bayan fi Akhbare - Sahabuz - zaman - 85).
2. Similarly, another oft-repeated tradition has been quoted profusely, the
contents of which are. "In the last days a man will appear from my progeny,
whose name will be same as as mine and his epithet will be similar to mine.
He will fill this earth with equity and justice as it will be fraught with
injustice and oppression". (Tazkertul-Khaowas, Sibt Ibn Jauzi-204)
3) Abu Saeed Khudri says that : 'I heard Prophet of Allah saying that :
"After me there will be twelve Imams, among them ninth after Husain will be
"Mahdi." (Nurul-Absar-Shablanji page 255).
4) Holy Prophet (s) said : Mahdi is from my progeny from the offspring of
H.Fatema Zahra (S.A.) "(Sunan Abi Dawood-Kitabul-Mahdi, Vol-4-page. 151)
5) Holy Prophet (s) said : "Whosever denies the uprising of Hazrat Mahdi
(a.s.) had denied each and everthing revealed upon me and as a result
becomes infidel". (Faraedus-Simtain-Hamuiy).
The aforementioned traditions are authentic and explicitly regarding Hazrt
Mahdi (a.s.) who will rise in the last days, who is from the progeny of
Imam Husain (a.s.) and H.Fatema (s.a.). Particularly, the last traditions
shows the importance of this belief viz. 'the disbelievers in this
(H.Mahdi) is like disleliever in Quran and is an infidel. Although, this
much is sufficient for.........i.e. men of understanding, but we for the
sake of utmost satisfaction delve into the ivew points of Scholars.
III Scholars:
1) Sayed Ahmed Zaini Dahlan, the Mufti of Makka Opines on the traditions
pertaining to 'Mahdi' (a.s.) that : "Such traditions are Mutawatir' (too
profusely repeated), among them some are 'Sahih' (Correct), some are
'Hasan. (approved Good) and some are 'Zaif (weak)".
It is crystal clear from the statement of Mufti of Makka, that though some
traditions are "weak" but still they are Mutawatir (i.e. profusely quoted).
And ti is well-known to the learned-men, especially those who are expert
in).....Ilme - Rejaal ' (study of narrators of traditions) that if any
traditions attains the merit of "Tawatur' (continuosly & profusely
repeated) then some weak traditiosn cannot effect its authenticity and we
have pointed towards this fact in our various editions sufficiently.
2- In-Lumaat, Shaikh Abdul haq wrote: "The traditions regarding the
existence fo H.Mahdi are abundant, from which is is clear that Mahdi (a.s.)
will be from the progeny of Fatema Zahra (s.a.) (Footnote of Sahih Tirmizi
vol. 2 page 46.)
3- Allam and faqihatul-Harmain, Abu Abdullah Mohammad Yusuf Al-Quraishi,
Al-Ganji-Shafei has devoted one entire chapter to this subject, which is
fifteenth chapter of his book, the subject is "The proof for life,
existence, seclusion and remaining alive of Mahdi uptil now" and in this
chapter he has propounded some in controvetrible proofs in support of his
claim. (Al-Bayan - fi Akhbare - Sahibuzzaman - page, 102)
4- Aalimul - Allama - Shamsuddin Yusuf Al-Hanafi - Sibt ibn Jauzi .....
that Mahdi (a.s.) is Mohammad bin Hasan ..... bin Abi Talib (a.s.), his
epithet is Abu abdullah, Abul - Qasim, he is Khalaful Hujjat, Sahebuzzaman,
Qaem-al-Muntazar and last Imam (a.s.)
5- Qazi Behlul Behjat writer. "The birth of Imam Mahdi (a.s.) occured on
15th Shabaan 255 A.H., his mother was Narjis Khatun, his father expired,
when he was only 5 years old". He continues..... 'he had two occultations
firstly Ghaibate-Sughra (Minor Occultation) and he will remain alive until
Allah permits him to re-appear and fill with tyranny and oppression."
(Tarikhe-Aale MOhammad-page, 270.).
6- Shahabuddin Ibn Hajar Al-Hanafi states that Mahdi age at the time of his
father's demise was 5 years. He was bestowed with wisdom and erudition. He
is known by the name of Al-Qaem - Al-Muntazar. (As-Sawaequl-Mohreqa page,
Apart from these scholars many other Jurists have also given their verdicts
in favour of existence of Hazrat Mahdi (a.s.), some of them are as below :-
1) Abu Suroor Ahmed bin Ziyaa Al - Hanfi
2) Mohammad bin Mohammad Al-Maleki
3) Yahya bin Mohammad bin Al-Hanbali
Let us now analyse the viewpoints of ancient and reliable historians
regarding H.Mahdi (a.s.) in the historical perspective. So that his
existence may be proved from all the angles and viewpoints.
IV. Historians:
1- Qazi Ahmed Ibn Khallakaan writes : "Abul Qasim Mohammad bin Hasan Askari
..... who according to the creed of Imamiyat is twelfth Imam, and is known
by the name of Al-Hujjah. And Ibne Arzaq in his history (Mayafareqin) has
also recorded the date of birth of Hazrart Mahdi (a.s.).
(Wafayatul-Aajen-vol.3 page, 316.)
2- Abu Mohammad Abdullah bin Mohammad bin Al-Khashaab indites in his book
of history; Mawalidul Aaimma wafyatuhum.' "He is the bearer of two names,
'Al-Khalaf and Mohammad' and he will reappear in the last days of era. A
part of the cloud will always shadow him on his head. Wherever he may go
this cloud will also accompany him while shadowing over-head. And a very
eloquent voice will be heard from grand a very eloquent voice will be heard
from grand heavens ..... that, this is Mahdi". (Al-Majalisus saniyyah vol.
5 page, 586.)
3- Historian Abdul Malik Usaami Makki while writing about H. Mahdi (a.s.)
state that "Mohammad Mahdi (a.s.) son of Hasan Askari (a.s.) son of Ali
Taqi (a.s.) son of.....son of Ali bin Abi Talib (May Allah be pleased with
all of them).
His birth took place of Friday on 15th Shabaan, 255 A.H. And this is most
accurate year of birth. His mother's name was Susan or 'Nirjis'. His
epithet is Abul Qasim and his agnomen are Al-Hujjah, Al-Khalafe - Saleh
Al-Qaem - Al-Muntazar, Sahebuz-zaman and 'Mahdi' And among these 'Hahdi' is
the most famous title".
He writes further while explaining the matter in detail regarding his
personality. ....broad and sturdy shoulders, with handsome and pleasing
face, beautiful hairs and broad forehead. His father expired when he was
only five year old." (Samatun-Nujum-il-awaali- vol.4 page, 138).
4- Shaikh Akbar Mohyiddin Ibn Arabi in his 'Futuhaat' writes about the
uprising of Mahdi (a.s.) that "He will not reappear unless the world is
filled with injustice and oppression to such an extent that a single day is
left in the tenure of this world. He will be from the offspring of the
Prophet(s) and progeny of Fatema (s.a.) His forefather is Imam Husain
(a.s.) and his father is Imam Hasan Askari (a.s.)".
From all the proofs mentioned above it is proved that the Belief in
Mahdaviyat' is one of the branches of the tree of Islamic creed. Last
Prophet Hazrat Mohammad Mustafa (s.a.w.) has explained quite many
traditions in this regard, fromwhich it is proved that Hazrat Mahdi (a.s.)
is from the progeny of Fatema, son of Imam Hsan Askari (a.s.) and twelfth
Imam, finally Prophet(s) has also mentioned about his two occultations. And
Keeping the importance of belief in view, it is also explained that denying
the belief is tantamount to accept infidelity.
(Kufr.) Especially those traditions of Prophet(s) which expound the concept
of occultations and longevity is for the attention of those scholars whose
ideology is influenced and affected by materialism and hence they have
rejected this belief outrightly.

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AsSalaamun AleKum, The Holy Koran Surah 62 Verse 9 Asks the believers to leave everything and hasten for the remembrance of Allah on Friday. The Shia narration from Imams (a.s) is that Friday Prayers is a recommended act in times of "Ghaibat" of The Imam (a.t.f.s) How does one explain this to brothers from Ahle Sunnah. Was-Salaam
Answer:-  Shia Muslims leave worldly matters and pray on Friday according to the
order of Quran.
Praying can be Friday Prayer or Zohr Prayer because both of them are
remembering Allah (SWT).
Friday Prayer is an obligatory Prayer since the time of the Prophet (SAWA),
but later on, it was been hijacked and misused by tyrant rulers who
diverted the Prayer from its aim, to making it a media to propagate their
corrupt governments. Friday Prayer was made by those tyrants and their
servants as a tool to gain public support and make their wrong acts look
like good by forcing all Friday Prayers leaders to pray in the Friday
Sermon which part of the Prayer, for the rulers and endorse every act of
them including the wrong acts.
During that time, the Infallible Imams from Ahlul Bayt (AS) guided the
believers that attending such hijacked Friday gatherings which was misused
to support wrong doers , is not compulsory.
When Muslims are free to perform Friday Prayers with out pressure or
influence from the wrong doers, Shia Ulama say that it is compulsory or
(Waajib Takhyeeri) to attend it. This the situation in many countries today.
When Imam Al-Mahdi (AS) will come back to public life openly, Fraiday
Prayer will be like when it was during the time of the Prophet (SAWA) and
it will be obligatory on every Muslim to attend within the conditions of
it. It will be real Friday Prayer which call people to Allah (SWT) and not
to support wrong rulers.
Mohammad al-Musawi

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AsSalaamunAleKum Is taqqiyah also compulsory in a Non Muslim state ? Was-Salaam
Answer:-  Taqiyyah is compulsory every where, whenever it is required.
Mohammad al-Musawi

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