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Question ID  2162  -  Ahlul Bayt -  2014-12-18 04:45:01
Why Shia insult the sahaaba of prophet Mohamed (SCW)
Answer:-  Shia Muslims are the real followers of Quran and the Prophet (SAWA) , hence
they admire every pious and dislike every sinner. Those who disobeyed the
Prophet after his life are not admired by Shia Muslims and those who
remained faithful and obedient to Allah and the Prophet are admired. You
may read in Saheeh Bukhari Hadeeth al Hawdh in which the Prophet had said
the many of my companions will be sent to hell fire because they will
deviate after me.

أخرجه البخاري ومسلم في صحيحيهما ، والترمذي في سننه وصححه ، والنسائي في سننه
، وأحمد في المسند عن ابن عباس عن رسول الله صلى الله عليه وآله وسلم - في
حديث - قال : ألا وإنه يجاء برجال من أمتي ، فيؤخذ بهم ذات

الشمال ، فأقول : يا رب أصحابي . فيقال : إنك لا تدري ما أحدثوا بعدك . فأقول
كما قال العبد الصالح : ( وكنت عليهم شهيدا ما دمت فيهم فلما توفيتني كنت أنت
الرقيب عليهم ) ( 3 ) .

(3) صحيح البخاري 6 / 69 كتاب التفسير ، باب سورة المائدة ، 6 / 122 سورة
الأنبياء ، 8 / 136 كتاب الرقاق ، باب 45 .
صحيح مسلم 4 / 2195 كتاب الجنة . . . باب 14 ، سنن الترمذي 5 / 321 - 322 قال
الترمذي : هذا حديث حسن صحيح .
سنن النسائي 4 / 117 وصححه الألباني في صحيح سنن النسائي 2 / 449 . مسند
أحمد 1 / 235 ، 253 . ( * )
Mohammad al-Musawi

Question ID  2155  -  Ahlul Bayt -  2014-12-23 16:00:01
AsSalaam Our affairs are attached to destiny decreed by Allah, even our best plan may lead us to destruction. The above quote is from Nahjulbalagha Please help me in understanding this quote
Answer:-  It means that our life matters (which are not in our hands) are linked with
destiny, but when time of death comes nothing will help even our best
planning will not save us.
Mohammad al-Musawi

Question ID  2143  -  Ahlul Bayt -  2014-12-23 13:30:01
1. What was the age of hazrat Qasim in Karballa And what was his age at the time of death of his Father Hazrat Imam Hussan and what was the age of his 3rd brother that time? 2. Did there happen a marriage or Nikkah between Hazrat Qasim and Fatimah Kubra in Karbala?
Answer:-  There are many narrations in the books about the age of Hazrat Qasim and
his brothers. There are narrations about a Nikah which was recited but the
marriage did not take place in Karbala.
Mohammad al-Musawi

Question ID  2139  -  Ahlul Bayt -  2014-12-06 13:45:01
Salaam i am doing amaal of ziarat e ashura what the problem is ive been ill and busy forgot in between to read it everyday but next day i always read it twice so i have missed previous days... Will this effect my dua and amaal Please email me back it will be great and helpful
Answer:-  If you miss it, you may recite it when you remember.
Question ID  2126  -  Ahlul Bayt -  2014-12-01 15:45:02
Is Toriya allowed according to ayatullah sistani and in what conditions?
Answer:-  =E2=80=8BTawriya is saying something which has more than one meaning and in=
the right meaning. It is allowed (according to Ayatullah Sistani) to avoid
harm on you or on Mo'mineen.
=E2=80=8BMohammad al-Musawi

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