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Question ID  915  -  History -  2013-12-07 20:15:01
Is it true that imam ALI married her daughter Umme kulthum to umar ? what is ayatulla khoei view on this matter ?
Answer:-  No, it is not true at all. Our great Ulama including Shaikh Mufeed, stated
that this story was fabricated by the enemies of Ahlul Bayt (AS). The Sunni
narrations in this matter are contradicting each other and may scholars say
that Zubair Bin Bakkar initiated this false story.
Mohammad al-Musawi

Question ID  848  -  History -  2013-11-13 03:15:02
assalam o allaikum: what is the ideology and orders of poetry in islam? Poetry is forbidden in Islam? Is not nohay, hamd, naat, qasiday and marsia poetry? did Allah stop AAP saww for poetry?? Is the Qur'an was revealed in poetry? Aap sa.w.w has Did ever poetry? kindly answer me in detail.
Answer:-  > Q=D9=8B=D9=8B1. What is the ideology and orders of poetry in Islam?
*A1. Poetry depends on its aim and content. Poetry for noble aim which
defends the truth and its true followers is very great in Islam up to the
extend of getting palaces in Paradise for each part of the poetry when it
is in defending the truth of Islam, the Prophet (SAWA) and his Ahlul Bayt
(AS) .*
*On the other hand, poetry which is for worldly aims or falsehood, is very
bad as it deviates weak people from the truth. Such band poetry is
forbidden in Islam because it is misleading.*

Q2. Is poetry forbidden in Islam?
*A2. Misleading poetry is forbidden in Islam, while noble poetry is not
only allowed but highly recommended as we saw the Prophet (SAWA) and Ahlul
Bayt (AS) encouraged noble poetry.*

> Q3. Is not nohay, hamd, naat, qasiday and marsia poetry?
*A3. It is from noble poetry as far as it is defending the truth.*

> Q4. Did Allah stop AAP saww for poetry??
*A4. The Prophet (SAWA) was the greatest prophet and not a poet, because
his status is greater than any poet.*

Q5. Is the Qur'an was revealed in poetry?
*A5. Quran is not poetry but the word of Allah (SWT).*

> Q6. Aap sa.w.w has Did ever poetry?
*A6. He did mention poem some times but he was not a poet. There is Hadeeth
from the Prophet (SAWA): There is wisdom from poetry. This means the noble
poetry is recommended.*
Mohammad al-Musawi

Question ID  779  -  History -  2013-09-29 00:15:01
Assalamalaiqum Janab I want to know that How the generation of Adam & Hawva(As)rise as sister and brother marriage is haram in Islam because Sunnate Alahi is unchanged from avval to akhir.
Answer:-  Real brothers and sisters never married with each other, but Allah (SWT)
sent from the Paradise Hoor for the marriage of the children of Adam.
Mohammad al-Musawi

Question ID  422  -  History -  2013-04-18 11:15:01
Salaaam un Alaikum, I have plan to write a Book on the life of the famous companion of Holy Prophet (s.a.w.) & Maula Ali (a.s) Salman e Farsi (a.r). I have collected few details about Salman e Farsi (a.r), & i m confused about his life coz different websites say different things. could u plz. suggest me some websites wherein i can get accurate information about this Great Personality. I m interested in the life of Salman e Farsi coz he researched about many religions & den accepted Islam.. Awaiting ur Reply Wassalaam
Answer:-  >
Question ID  415  -  History -  2013-04-24 12:30:01
Salaamun alykum, Recently I was having a discussion with one of my students and he has come up up these questions, I will really appreciate if you can help me answer them. Throughout my life I have understood that during the time of nabi Noah the whole world was filled with water. Since this student is a science student he says that in the history of the earth there is no evidence that the earth was in water. A new model of the early Earth suggests that until around 2.5 billion years ago oceans covered almost the whole of the planet. Just 2% to 3% of the Earth’s surface would have been dry land, compared with 28% today. My question is as follows, According to Islam how old is the earth? When did the deluge of Noah happen? Did the flooding happen in that particular region? Or perhaps people had not inhabited the earth? Maulans Saheb, please note this student is a good believer. Jazakumullah Iltimas e dua
Answer:-  We can not confirm the exact time when the earth was created.
The deluge of Noah happened after 950 years of his calling people to the
Truth, and refusal of most of them. It killed all those who rejected the
Truth which was conveyed by Noah. Obviously, the area where they used to
live was not all over the earth, but part of the earth, most likely, the
area of Iraq and surroundings areas as we read in the books. Noah did not
reach to Americas or Australia, so we can not say that the deluge covered
the whole earth, but only the area where the disbelievers used to live at,
as it was to clean the earth from their evil.
Mohammad al-Musawi

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