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Question ID  803  -  Death Related Issues -  2013-10-17 08:15:01
Salaam alaikum Is it possible for the dead to be able to communicate with us? Because I have heard someone say that they are able to communicate with a woman who is now dead and she helps them in this world. Is this possible?
Answer:-  No, it is not true. Dead is in another world which called Barzakh and no
one from us can communicate with Barzakh nor Barzakh people can come back
to this life.
Mohammad al-Musawi
Question ID  396  -  Death Related Issues -  2013-03-30 23:45:02
Salam I do taqleed of ayatullah khameine What is the ruling for women attending a graveyard? Must they be accompanied with a male? Can they attend when on their periods? Can a pregnant woman attend a funeral and go to graveyard? wsalam
Answer:-  Women are allowed to go to graveyards or to attend funerals even if they are=
pregnant or on their period, and they do not need to be accompanied by men.=
They must be in full Hijab and their going to graveyards or funerals should=
not expose them to or cause harm.=20
Mohammad al-Musawi

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