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Question ID  887  -  True Faith -  2013-11-29 11:30:01
peace be upon you, there is this guy who has revived the extinct sect of waqifi. He is saying that there is no evidence for the imamate of imam reza(as) and the last 3 imams(as). He says shia islam is not doubt free. Is this true? Im not a scholar I dont know how to answer him
Answer:-  The evidences of the Imamate of Imam Reza (AS) and the Imams after him are
as strong as the evidences of the Imamate of all the previous Imams. Shia
Islam is the Real Islam, no matter what the enemies claim. The Quran which
is the Word of Allah, is been doubted by few. Even the existence of Allah ,
which is the biggest fact is been doubted by few. Such doubts have no value
at all because there is no foundation nor evidence to support them.
You may ask this person the following questions:
Does he believe in the Hdeethes from the Prophet (SAWA) stating the names
of the twelve Imams ? Such Hadeethes are narrated even in Sunni books like
Yanabee' al Mawaddah of Qandozi Hanafi and other books.
Does he believe that the previous Imams including Imam Musa Kazim
(AS) stated the truth when they mentioned the names of Imam Reza (AS) and
the Imams after him being the Imams after them ?
Does he believe in any Imam after Imam Musa Kazim (AS)? Who is he? What are
the evidences of his Imamate? This question is crucial because the Hadeeth
of the twelve Imams after the Proohet (SAWA) is narrated in all books of
Hadeeth including Bukhari and Muslim and no one can deny it.
Mohammad al-Musawi

Question ID  734  -  True Faith -  2013-09-09 01:00:02
Assalamu Aleykum! What can you tell us about the Aga Khan??? Is He Imam???? Wassalam
Answer:-  The Infallible Imams are twelve, first is Imam Ali (AS) and the last is Imam Al Mahdi (AS).

Question ID  559  -  True Faith -  2013-07-09 19:30:01
salaam u alaikum, was Hazrat Hawwa (EVE) created from the rib of Hazrat Adam (ADAM) ? and how many children did they both have together ? how many boys and how many girls ? can you also provide some evidence from the Holy Quran or Hadith for reference please, thankyou
Answer:-  Hawwa was not created from a rib of Adam as the fabricated narrations say.
This claim came from non Muslims to some Muslims, but Ahlul Bayt (AS)
refuted this false claim.
Hawwa was created from the same soil from which Adam was created by Allah
There are many narrations about the number of children of Adam and Hawwa
and it does not make any difference to our religion to research on such
Mohammad al-Musawi

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