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Question ID  376  -  Food & Drinks -  2013-03-21 11:15:01
Al Salam-U-Alaikum Q. Is it permissible in Islam to eat the meat of an animal which was shot and killed with a gun and not a knife, the shooter said bismillah before firing. His intention for killing the animal was for sport (but the animal will be eaten) Thankyou Ws.
Answer:-  Hunting animals is allowed if the animal will be eaten and Bismillah or any form of mentioning the name of Allah is said, but if you reach to the animal while it is still alive, you have to slaughter it with its body facing Qibla.
Mohammad al-Musawi
Question ID  304  -  Food & Drinks -  2013-02-02 21:23:25
Can we buy and consume tinned beef from western countries with Halal written on the tin?
Answer:-  Answering your question about tinned beef from western countries with Halal sign on it.
It is not allowed to such meat or any meat before being sure that it is really Halal. The writing of Halal has no meaning as it is been done just for business promotion purpose and it does really always that it is Halal. You must verify before utilising such meat.
Mohammad al-Musawi
Question ID  256  -  Food & Drinks -  2012-12-27 12:15:02
Sallam, are muslim alow to eat christain food may be during their festivities?
> Question : are muslim alow to eat christain food may be during their festivities?
> Answer: Muslim is not allowed to consume food or drink which is Najis (ritually not pure).
Food of non Muslim religious festivals must be avoided by Muslims.
Mohammad al-Musawi
Question ID  195  -  Food & Drinks -  2012-12-03 11:45:03
Dear Moulana Assalamalaikum, Please tell me the procedure to eat kahke shifa in detail.Thank you.
Answer:-  Walekum Salaam Wa Rehmatullahe Wa Barakato, Pleaser refer to the link which provides information on using Khak E Shifa Wassalam
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