The Prophet (SAWA) said: The best of deeds after performing Prayers, is making a believer happy with a lawful act.

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Question ID  3029  -  Wuzu / Ghusl / Bath -  2015-12-27 02:45:01
Assalamualaikum- brother, i went to the dentist today n i had yo take out a teeth.. Nw the problem is that while resting i made a wet dream.. Nw i have to perform ghusl, there is still some blood where the teeth was taken out, does the blood prevent me from performing ghusl?
Answer:-  Blood from your teeth does not prevent Ghusl at all.
Question ID  3012  -  Wuzu / Ghusl / Bath -  2015-12-27 03:00:02
I do taklid of Ayatullah siataani ... My question is if a person masturbates intentionally ... Is it wajib to do ghusl with cold water? Or can he do it with hot water?? Or can he use mix water ... Plz answer .
Answer:-  It is a major sin to musterbate. Ghusl e janabat can be performed by any

Question ID  3007  -  Wuzu / Ghusl / Bath -  2015-12-27 03:00:01
What is the procedure of ghusl and wudhu?

Question ID  2917  -  Wuzu / Ghusl / Bath -  2015-11-03 03:00:01
Salaamunalikum.. My friend watched pornography and after that he was riding a bike while riding some came out and he does not know whether it is semen or something else.. Will ghusl is obkigatory in him. Thank you He follow ayoutullah sistani
Answer:-  Semen gushes out with feeling of orgasm, then feeling of weakness in the
body. If the liquid which came out did not gush out, it is not semen, but
it can be Mathi (Mazi) which is not Najis and does need any Ghusl nor Wudhu.
As far as you are not sure that semen came out, Ghusl is not obligatory on
Mohammad Al-Musawi
Question ID  2913  -  Wuzu / Ghusl / Bath -  2015-10-31 17:00:02
Salaamunalikum... There was a small dirt on my above nail of my left leg and i was doing ghusl e janabat i saw it before doing ghusl and i tried to clean and i was cleaning but it had not gone and i left it and i poured water on my leg and had done ghusl and after ghusl i had taken bath and cleaned my body. Then i was praying namaz and i saw the dirt had gone. Is my ghusl valid because i dont know whether the surt had gone before or after ghusl thank you i follow ayoutullah sistani
Answer:-  If you are sure that the dirt was preventing water from reaching and it was
there till you did the Ghusl , means not removed during Ghusl, then Ghusl
is invalid. If the dirt was removed during Ghusl, then Ghusl is valid.
Mohammad Al-Musawi

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