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Question ID  3075  -  Wuzu / Ghusl / Bath -  2016-02-01 13:15:01
Salam un alike What causes the 7 wajib Ghusl ?
Answer:-  The obligatory Ghusls are: 1. Ghusl Janabah. 2. Ghusl Haydh ( after the
menstrual cycle bleeding). 3. Ghusl Estihadhah which is another bleeding
for females but not menstrual bleeding. 4. Ghusl Nifaas After delivery or
miscourage . 5. Ghusl of touching a dead body.
6. Ghusl of the dead body Ghusl Mayyit.
7. Ghusl of Nathr or promise or oath.
Mohammad Al-Musawi

Question ID  3057  -  Wuzu / Ghusl / Bath -  2016-02-01 13:15:02
salaamunalikum. my friend watched porn and after watching he is confused whether the substance is semen or something else. i told him that semen comes in larger amount. he follow ayoutullah sistani. thank you
Answer:-  Watching pornography is a sinful act.
Semen gushes out and it is not leak, while Mathi (Mazi) leaks out.
He should seek forgiveness and it is good for him to perform Ghusl of
Taubah after repenting and deciding not to do this sinful act again.
Mohammad Al-Musawi

Question ID  3029  -  Wuzu / Ghusl / Bath -  2015-12-27 02:45:01
Assalamualaikum- brother, i went to the dentist today n i had yo take out a teeth.. Nw the problem is that while resting i made a wet dream.. Nw i have to perform ghusl, there is still some blood where the teeth was taken out, does the blood prevent me from performing ghusl?
Answer:-  Blood from your teeth does not prevent Ghusl at all.
Question ID  3012  -  Wuzu / Ghusl / Bath -  2015-12-27 03:00:02
I do taklid of Ayatullah siataani ... My question is if a person masturbates intentionally ... Is it wajib to do ghusl with cold water? Or can he do it with hot water?? Or can he use mix water ... Plz answer .
Answer:-  It is a major sin to musterbate. Ghusl e janabat can be performed by any

Question ID  3007  -  Wuzu / Ghusl / Bath -  2015-12-27 03:00:01
What is the procedure of ghusl and wudhu?

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