Imam Ali (AS) said, 'The heart can only be made use of [to the best of its capacity] with generosity.

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Question ID  5151  -  Wuzu / Ghusl / Bath -  2020-01-15 18:00:01
Salam dear Agha. I do ghusl underneath a shower. So even when washing my right side or left side, some water comes over my head, so is my ghusl valid ?
Answer:-  Yes it is valid.

Question ID  5150  -  Wuzu / Ghusl / Bath -  2020-01-17 19:30:02
While doing ghusl and washing the right side and left side, some drops of water come on my face head and hair, is my ghusl valid ?
Answer:-  Yes, valid.

Question ID  5143  -  Wuzu / Ghusl / Bath -  2020-01-06 03:15:02
Salam Alaikum. Is it ok to run your fingers through your hair while doing ghusl to make sure water reaches all parts of the head ?
Answer:-  Yes, you can do that.
Question ID  5142  -  Wuzu / Ghusl / Bath -  2020-01-04 04:30:02
Salam Alaikum. Does having grown long nails of toes and fingers invalidate ghusl or wudhu ?
Answer:-  Long nails which cover any part of the fingers or toe prevents water from
reaching, and makes Ghusl not possible. Wudhu is valid if one finger in not
covered by the varnish and it was wiped over.
Question ID  5141  -  Wuzu / Ghusl / Bath -  2020-01-03 23:00:02
Salam Alaikum. Do long finger nails or toe nails invalidate ghusl ?
Answer:-  Yes, nail or toe nail varnish prevents water hence Ghusl is not possible.
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