The Prophet (SAWA) said, 'Allah has created every single vicegerent of His with generosity as their natural disposition.

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Question ID  5644  -  Hadeeth -  2022-02-15 05:30:02
Assalam alekum Can you please recommend any book that narrates authentic story of what happened in karbala. Also about the incidents that happened after the martyrdom of Imam Hussain (a.s), when his family was taken to shaam.
Answer:-  There are many books which mentioned details of the tragedy of Karbala and
after Karbala. These books include:
1. Narrations from Ahlul Bayt (AS) in this matter which are mentioned in
our books of Hadeeth like Kitab al-Irshad by Shaikh al-Mureed and Biharul
Anwar by al-Majlisi.
2. Maqtal Al-Husain by Jaabir al-Jo=E2=80=99fi.
3. Maqtal Al-Husain by al-Qasim ibn al-Asbagh ibn Nabatah.
4. Maqtal Al-Husain by Ammar al-Dohni.
5. Maqtal Abi Makhnaf al-Azdi.
6. Maqtal al-Khawarizmi,

> And many other books but we don=E2=80=99t more authentic than what Ahlul =
Bayt (AS)
> mentioned.

You can find many of these narrations in books like Al-Maqtalbby
al-Moqarram and al-Lohoof and al-Maqtal by Sayyed Mohammad Taqi Bahrul

Question ID  5225  -  Hadeeth -  2020-03-28 19:15:01
Please quote Hadith that says : if a person would know about another persons thoughts ! The father and son would not bury the dead bodies
Answer:-  The Hadeeth is narrated from Ameerul Mo=E2=80=99mineen (AS): If you know ev=
about each other, you will not bury each other. =D9=84=D9=88 =D8=AA=D9=83=
=D8=A7=D8=B4=D9=81=D8=AA=D9=85 =D9=84=D9=85=D8=A7 =D8=AA=D8=AF=D8=A7=D9=81=
Amaal al-Sadooq 531.
Mohammad Al-Musawi
Question ID  5223  -  Hadeeth -  2020-03-28 19:30:02
It is said that sheikh Tusi used to say laanat on 8 people, 4 men and 4 women, in his prayers by name. Would you be able to tell me the 8 names? They say khalid bin waleed is the sword of ALLAH, is there any hadeeth in this regard? Is there any authentic reference or hadeeth regarding imam-zaamen and naad-e-Ali?
Answer:-  1. We curse every one who was cursed by Allah (SWT) and the Prophet (SAWA).
We are not allowed to curse religious figures of other communities because
it will cause harm. Taqiyyah is obligatory on every Muslim.nAuthentic
Hadeeth states: Person who has no Taqiyyah, has no religion.
2. Khaled Ibn al-Waleed was never named by the Prophet Muhammad (SAWA) as
sword of Allah. The Prophet was so angry with Khalid Ibn al Waleed and
said: O Allah, I keep myself away from what Khaled has committed.
3. Hundreds of Hadeeths have been mentioned in Sunni books beside Shia
books about Imam Al-Mahdi (AS). You can reference to
4. Ya Ali Madad is seeking help from Allah through the Waseela of one of
the most humble servant who is next to the Prophet Muhammad (SAWA). This is
according to Quran (5:35) where Allah is eir wishes from Allah.
Mohammad Al-Musawi
Question ID  5050  -  Hadeeth -  2019-10-13 17:45:02
Is there a Hadith by Imam Ali A.S. where it is recommended to have fish on Wednesdays?
Answer:-  No. We dont have such Hadeeth from the Prophet or any Imam.
Question ID  4866  -  Hadeeth -  2019-08-04 19:00:01
Salam agha hope you all are doing well Que: plz allobrate this “shia toolkit hadis” -“ the greatest right over women is his husband and greatest right over man is his mother “ Is this means wife’s right is less than mother? What is the motive of this hadith?
Answer:-  This Hadeeth states the truth about the greatest right on man and woman.
Woman is required to look after her husband more than any one else. Man is
required to look after his mother more than others.
Mohammad Al-Musawi

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