Verily Allah gives succor to this community only as a result of [the presence of] the weak among them, their supplication, their prayer and their sincerity

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Question ID  788  -  Youth issues -  2013-10-08 19:45:01
salaam u alaykum, I beleive Islam has an answer to everything and every situation, I want to know, is there any aamaal or dua or act that I can do to make me more youthful and look more younger and more beautiful ? with duas
Answer:-  Night Prayer ( Namaz e Shab) is very useful.

Question ID  642  -  Youth issues -  2013-08-02 00:15:02
salaam u alaikum, am i allowed to read a mutah marriage just for friendship, like for someone who can talk to me as i get lonely at times, no physical relation as she is in a different country ?
Answer:-  Yes it is allowed, but if she is a virgin, then she needs her father's
permission. As it is, intimate talking to non Mahram is not allowed in
Islam unless there is a Mut'ah agreement recited.
Mohammad al-Musawi
Question ID  519  -  Youth issues -  2013-06-08 19:00:01
Salaam Alaikum I am 26 years old, male, and I do taqlid of Ayatullah Sistani I have a question regarding Mut'ah. I am currently unable to get married permanently due to neurological health issues which I am trying to sort out soon inshallah and don't want to commit myself to a permanent marriage just yet I would like to know if doing Mut'ah with an escort (to pay for sexual pleasure) is permissable? I have no other choice at the moment and don't want to keep sinning, for example masturbation. Due to my health condition I cannot do fasting either. If Ayatullah Sistani does not permit Mut'ah with an escort, what other options do I have? Can I change taqlid? I would be grateful for your answer as I am in great distress as I don't want to keep sinning. JazakAllah, thank you
Answer:-  It is not allowed to do Mut'a with a prostitute who commits this major sin
openly and known to do it. This is according to obligatory precaution.
Mohammad al-Musawi

Question ID  465  -  Youth issues -  2013-05-10 10:45:01
sir what,s your email address.i want to send an email

Question ID  311  -  Youth issues -  2013-02-04 22:15:01
As salamun Alaikum Is it jaiz to play housie game with money? eg: you pay Rs.5 for ticket and when you win the first line you get Rs.10.
Answer:-  As money is been paid to play the game, and money is expected back, it is not allowed because it is a type of gambling. If it is with out money then it will be allowed as a plain play.
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