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Condolences for the Earthquake Victims of Nepal

May 1, 2015


In the Name of Allah the Most Merciful the Most Beneficent
Indeed we are from Allah and to Him we return

World Ahlul-Bayt (a.s) Islamic League offers sincere condolences to the victims, their families and the government of Nepal for the loss and damage caused by the earthquake of 25th April. This tragic, unavoidable natural disaster has left a trail of immense destruction, both to the lives of those affected, and the infrastructure of the country. 

We pray that the Nepalese nation recovers from the earthquake damage and we pray for God's Mercy and the preservation of life for all those affected. We urge international aid agencies to come forward to help the people of Nepal.

Mohammad Al-Musawi
World Ahlul Bayt Islamic League
April 2015
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