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Question ID  2494  -  Business Investment
Salam, I pay Khums on 31st of January each year. I have just sold a property and am going to invest the money into another property in a month or two. Can I invest the entire sum or is there khums payable in the middle of the year on it ?
Answer:-  If the property was bought from money, out of which Khums was paid, then no
Khums again on that original amount, but only on the profit -if any- after
you spend for your expenses and on the date of yearly Khums.
If the original amount was not been purifies by paying its Khums, the whole
amount must be calculated for Khums immediately if the investment
amount was owned by you more that one year.
Mohammad Al-Misawi
Question ID  2412  -  Business Investment
Which businesses are legal in Islam and which are haram?
Answer:-  Every business is allowed in Islam if it does not have any link with
alcohol, pork, non Halal food, cheating, usury, stolen items, injustice.
monopoly and gambling. In short , every Halal activity is allowed in Islam.
Mohammad Al-Musawi

Question ID  2253  -  Business Investment
Salaam alaykum. I would like to know if spread betting (on the stock market) is halal or haraam? Here is the link which explains what it is in definition Many thanks
Answer:-  >
> =E2=80=8BSpread betting is a type of gambling and every gambling is Haraa=
m in
> Islam=E2=80=8B.
Mohammad Al-Musawi=E2=80=8B
Question ID  2066  -  Business Investment
As Salamun Alaikum Aaga,My question is i have a good amount of savings after removing the KHUMS amount can i make a FIXED DEPOSIT and keep as it will be safe. and if i get the interest on tht can i use tht amount. Kindly reply as very confused. Thanxs in advance. Khuda Hafiz.
Answer:-  After full payment of Khums, the remaining amount is purely Halal money and
you are allowed to keep it in fixed deposit in non Muslim bank. Any amount
given by the bank on your money will be allowed for you to use.
Mohammad al-Musawi

Question ID  2030  -  Business Investment
Aoa i follow aka sistani. I am going to retire and i want to deposit my money in national saving scheme in pakistan which will give me fixed income per month. I cannot do business in pakistan as situation id not favorable for business here. Can i take this income source keeping in view i am old now?
Answer:-  it is allowed to keep your money in a bank with out a condition from you on
the bank to get more, but if they give you any amount, it is allowed for
you to utilize it.
Mohammad al-Musawi
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