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Question ID  395  -  Ahlul Bayt
does the belief in IMAMATE by the Shiite directly negate the principle of "seal of prophets" of PROPHET Mohammad PBUH, particularly as Imams share the qualities of being free of sin ("Massoom") and receiving revelation or (VAHEE) from Allah. What are your views about Abdolkarim Soroush who thinks shias should reform their views about Immamate to conform with the principle of khatamiat.
Answer:-  Shia Muslims believe in the whole Islamic teachings conveyed by the Prophet
(SAWA), and have taken the teachings from the most authentic source who are
Ahlul Bayt (AS). Shia believe in the Prophet Mohammad (SAWA) being the last
and final messenger. The Infallible Imams are not messengers at all, though
they are the real successors of the Last , Final and the Greatest
messenger. They are Infallible because their duty is to guide people to the
pure way of Allah, and this can not be done by a person who commits sins,
otherwise people will be mislead. They are Muhaddath and being Muhaddath
does not mean being a prophet, as you see that many humble servants of
Allah including Maryam, mother of Musa, Thul Qarnain, and Al Khidhr were
Muhaddath but not prophets.
The person whom you mentioned has lot of misunderstandings and many of our
Ulama is Iran have refuted his false claims. He creates doubts based on his
misunderstandings. You need to research and ask the scholars if you have
any doubt created by such unqualified persons.
Mohammad al-Musawi
Question ID  361  -  Ahlul Bayt
Salam. Is it true that Prophet Muhammad (SAW) had been poison by Aisha? If it is not, what is the cause of death of our beloved prophet? Sukran.
Answer:-  All Muslim scholars (Shia and Sunni) agree that the Prophet Mohammad (SAWA) was been poisoned. Many say that a Jewish woman was behind the poison. Others say something else. The result is the Prophet (SAWA) was been poisoned.
Mohammad al-Musawi
Question ID  352  -  Ahlul Bayt
Salam. I read an article (PDF file) about Shia on: (please copy all and paste the URL),d.aGc It says there, Special characteristics of prophets and imams (page 40) 5.They are free from all sins, faults, and mistakes. My question is, why is it prophet adam (as) commit a sin? Sukran.
Answer:-  Prophet Adam (AS) did not commit any sin. Leave aside what people claim and listen to what Ahlul Bayt (AS) say . He just did what was allowed for him to do, but there was something better. This is called TARK AL AWLA.
Mohammad al-Musawi

Question ID  341  -  Ahlul Bayt
Does our beloved prophet Muhammad(PBUH) has any bloodlines or descendants aside from the family-tree of Imam Ali (AS). If there are, what happened to them?
Answer:-  The Prophet Mohammad (SAWA) did not have any grandchildren but only from Fatima (AS) and Ali (AS). They are the greatest family in the whole world in quality and quantity. The numbers of them go to tens of millions in all the continents and they have the most learned and very respected scholars in many fields especially in Islamic studies.
Mohammad al-Musawi
Question ID  253  -  Ahlul Bayt
I recently came across a good website. The authors of this site have done some fantastic work by compiling Fatwas of many Marjas with regards to Kama Zani and Zanjeer Zani. Inshallah this will be Aitmam e Hujjat for all those in doubt and a nail in the coffin for opponents of Azadari. I was very happy to see this at first. Then I googled azadari4imam and came across some links on shia forums not portraying the site and its content in good light. My question or query is nothing but to know your honored opinion with regards to the site and its content and especially for the incident which they have highlighted as \"Ruling of Imam Zaman (atfs)\" in which they narrate the incident of Sheikh Zayn al Abedeen Najafi from the book Bayaan ul Aimmah. I again tried to search for Sheikh Zayn al Abedeen Najafi on Google or on links such as one mentioned below which have short biographies of our Ulema but unfortunately I could not get any details on him. It will be great if you can share some details on this esteemed personality or share some links where I can get details about him. The only intention is to make this site and its content public by mass distribution online and also by printing it in the form of small booklets and sharing with all and we just want to be ready with replies to any possible arguments or replies which the other party might have.
Answer:-  Salamun Alaykum wr wb
You and every Mo'min are supposed to follow the Fatwa of your Marja of Taqleed. Nevr worry about different opinions when you follow the Fatwa of your Marja of Taqleed.
Mohammad al-Musawi
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