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Question ID  3184  -  Death Related Issues
Asalam o alekum my question is Is it possible we are going to wadi e hussain graveyard during mansis (period)
Answer:-  Yes it is allowed for woman to go to any grave yard during her menses
Mohammad Al-Musawi
Question ID  2956  -  Death Related Issues
Assalaam un alaikum. I am in taqleed of ayatullah sistani. My daughter died in the womb. At that time she was 8months. Do i need to do aqeeqa for her? Wassalaam.
Answer:-  It is recommended to do aqeeqa for every child who was born, but for unborn
child is not mentioned in the books which I have seen. Yet, you can do
Aqeeqa with the intention of Qurbatan.
Mohammad Al-Musawi

Question ID  2936  -  Death Related Issues
Assalamu alaykum, I am female with no father, but a mother, one brother and four sisters. I would like to know how my assets would be divided if I were to pass away from this world and leave inheritance. Jazakamullah Khayr.
Answer:-  If you pass away and leave your mother alive, she will get one sixth of
your inheritance. The rest will be divided into six equal parts , two parts
for your one brother and one part for each of your four sisters.
May Allah grant you long life with Imaan and good health.
Mohammad Al-Musawi
Question ID  2909  -  Death Related Issues
Aassalamualaykum brother, please give reference from Sunni books whether doing teeja,daswa and chaliswa is right as a Sunni man has asked me this question and he has asked me to give reference from Sunni books. Thanks a lot.
Answer:-  Holding religious gatherings for the reward of the departed soul, is
allowed in Islam. It depends on the society and the way and dates they hold
the gatherings. Some Muslims hold religious gatherings for three days after
death, while some of them hold on the seventh day. Others hold it on the
tenth day after death and some hold it on the forty days. All are allowed
and been practices by Muslims from different sects except Wahabis who claim
that it is Bid'ah.
Your Sunni friend should ask Sunni Ulama who usually hold such gatherings.
Mohammad Al-Musawi

Question ID  2839  -  Death Related Issues
salam . mera yeh sawal tha k kia jin ka blood ka rishta hota hai ( beta,baap,bhai,husband) wo qabar ko matti de skaty hai ya nhi .... q k buhat se log kehtay hai nhi de sakty hai .. tw mujhe clear krna hai ?? will you please help me ??
Answer:-  It is Makrouh ( disliked) for relatives to put soil on the dead body of
their relative. Makrouh is not Haraam.
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