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Question ID  2099  -  Major Sins
can a person lie to hide something from another person if he suspects that he/she could get jealous and do black magic on him?
Answer:-  No, fearing from jealousy is not an excuse to lie.
Mohammad al-Musawi

Question ID  2003  -  Major Sins
sir a.oa i m belonging from shia zaidi family. i am embarrased to ask you it but still i want to know completely about it . i would great thankful to you if you answer me in detail sir... it was 2 years ago when i was 17 years old. a person also belonging from zaidi syed proposed me and claimed to love me. but I refused him. He still tried to attract my all attentions towards him.He contacted me now we were started chatting through social media.I become trusted on his self. 2 weeks ago he called me and said if you trust me then come with me(private meeting).he is supposed to do MUTTAH with me. I also agreed after studying Khuttba of Ayat ul Khaminai about Muttah. But on decided day we are not provided seeghay of muttah. then he just said me that if you trust on me then put youself for me. i will never let you alone. he huged me and touchedd my all body parts as we both lost our tempo. he just touch my sharam gah not see... he kissed like or husband or wife... and when i told him that we are reprehend on sin of Zinna then he answered that its not zinnah i just touch youself to come closer.. I committed you to maary ... we like each other..... my question is Was really i Committed a sin Zihna by above situation .... or if I? then what way i adopt for my forgiveness in fornt of Allah and Ahlebait? maine is se phalay kabhi assa nahi kiya na hi wo sab iradatan hua mai bhut serminda ho mujhy kia kerna chahiye ?
Answer:-  This person was supposed to get the approval of your father for reciting
Mutah Marriage with you, without which, his touching you or you touching
him will sexual desire is a major sin.
If such sin was committed you must seek forgiveness and decide not to
repeat it again under any circumstances.


Mohammed Al-Musawi
Question ID  1978  -  Major Sins
Qibla ,salam mairi umar is waqat 48 sal hy aur main ghair shadi shuda hoon .main apni pichli sari zindagi aik gunah e kabeera yani aghlam bazi aur musht zani ka murtakib raha hoon aur ab b hoon Qibla main ny har tara ki koshashain ki nafsiyati aur medical k ilaj karwaya khuda ka khof apny andar paida karny ki koshish ki dua ki aur amaal kiye wazeefy kiye hazaroon dafa tobi ki paki dil sy musamam irady kiya magar har koshish nakaam rahi.shadi paili age mien bahz garailo aur muashi mashil ki waja sy nhi ki aur ab koi munasib rishta is age mien nhi milta Qibla ab main har taraf sy mayoos ho gaya hoon dua b aur sab koshashain taraq kar di hain k shahid khuda ko maira rah e rast par ana manzoor nhi. Ap ko akhri umeed samnj k koi aisa hal mang raha hoon jo mairi zindagi ko pakeeza bana dy .kash aisa ho jhy kash
Answer:-  I am very sad to know about your situation which a very clear case of a
person who has willingly put himself under the evil of Shaitan. I do not
need to remind you about the devastating results of such sinful acts in
this life and hereafter , but I must say that the solution is in your hands
if you really want to get rid of this misery. Will power in every human
being is more than enough to make him away from bad deeds if he really want
to be away from it. Imam Jafar Sadiq (AS) said : No body remains weak if
the will is strong. You amuse apply your will to avoid sinful acts and be
sure that such acts are like fire. Can you tolerate putting your hand on
the fire for a minute or less? You will not , so how you will tolerate the
hell fire which much sever than this world's fire.
Go to Qabristan and look at the graves of people who were like you then
died. You will be following them as all of us are.
Seek forgiveness , recite Quran and Ziyarat of Imam Hussain (AS) which
might clean your heart.
Mohammad al-Musawi

Question ID  1896  -  Major Sins
Salaam, What is the difference between gunah-e-kabira and gunah-e-saghira? How do we know which guanah is kabira or saghira? Was-salaam,
Answer:-  =E2=80=8BMajor sins are the dangerous sins about which we have evidences th=
at it
lead to hell fire or to the curse of Allah on its doer. major sins are like
Shirk, hurting the parents, Killing, stealing, Zina, usury, black magic,
drinking alcohol etc
Minor sins are the less dangerous sins. There is a hadeeth stating (There
is no kabeera sin with the Istighfaar and there is no Sagheera sin with
insisting=E2=80=8B on it).
Mohammad al-Musawi

Question ID  1622  -  Major Sins
I have a question that needs a little bit of explanation and will take a little time of yours. Please do read and give me an advice for my guidance. I can take an oath on Holy Quran for the truthfulness of info that I am giving you. I live in Canada since 2009. I got married in 2003 in Pakistan. My mother in law hated me since beginning because we were not rich. After my marriage my mother in law told my wife not to live with me. My wife had a job in the city where her mother lived and I was in other city for my job. So she told her daughter that “you have a job here, you must not leave your job”. And that’s how my wife spent around 6 months away from my home. Someone told them that you cannot do this. They contacted a religious cleric and he told her mother that you have no authority to do this, send her to her husband as soon as possible. My wife came to my house and after sometime, my mother in law packed her bags and came to the city where I was living. She started living with us. I moved to several cities because of job and she stayed with us. She spent 3 years with us (in between she went back and forth to her home city for a month or so and then came back). My mother in law has a rich history of hatching conspiracies. Her own brothers and sisters have discords. Some has severed relationships (Qata- rahm) with each other. Because of this lady, my father in law has completely cut off his relationships with all his brothers and sisters. He has not seen his brothers or sisters for decades. I am sure he is not allowed to see anyone. I moved to Canada in 2009, and in 2014 she packed her bags again and now she is here living with us. Now some words of my financial position in this country. In 2012 I got a job in some other city of Canada where I had to live for 15 days and then use to come back home for 6 days. Was getting very good money. Every month gave my wife $$2000 to $2500 to fulfil the needs. My expenses rose. Bought a house on mortgage with 5% down payment, a good car and whatever you can think of. I told my wife that I have given this house to her as a gift. If we will sell this, she will get the money. If we put it on rent she will get the rent. I bought the car in her name. After a year of this job I realized because of my absence my 2 kids suffered a lot. They had started talking about church because my wife had put them in a church during summer vacations. She paid for this service. This happens when you have lot of money but low level of wisdom. I prayed to Allah to bring me back to my family. After one and a half year of my job, employer gave me a layoff. I was happy. I spent 3 months at home finding a job. Had some saving so I took care of mortgage, bills and other expenses. My wife, started buying grocery as a contribution to run the home. After 3 months all my saving was spent, but then Allah gave me a good job in the city. Money wise I was getting half as compared to my previous job. So my wife kept the groceries in her own hand to help in running the home. After all the expenses I am left with nothing. But I am happy that my kids are getting the attention and they are learning the basics of religion. I have taught my younger one Adhan, Salat and now he is learning urdu which will help him in learning how to read Quran. I am happy. After looking at this scenario, my mother in law started filling the ears of my wife. All day long they talk in ears, they whisper in ears all day long. “HE does not give you monthly expenses, you must demand money from him, this is your right, you have to fight for it”. We had a fight few days ago. Two women started yelling in front of me and I started yelling in front of them. According to my mother in law, my kids are living in my house because of her. She can take the kids away with my wife any time. A month and a half ago I had put my car on sale, just to save a bit more money to give to my wife. The car has not yet sold. Day before yesterday, my wife arranged Aftaar in Imambargah, but they never offered any Aftaar to me because I did not pay for that Aftaar. I do not eat at home because my wife does not cook anything. I told her to cook and her mother started yelling that “you are making my daughter a slave, she is not your slave anymore. You buy your own food and make your own food”. All cooking is done by her mother now. Mother and daughter both are now digging the foundations of this home. Both are filling this home with fire. Mother in law has sowed the seed of hatred (as she has plenty of experience in this skill) in this house and wife is watering it daily. I do not want her to live in this house, she is not a widow or divorced. She must go back in her own home, to her husband where she belongs. But she is not willing to leave. I am afraid I will lose my temper and someone will get killed in this. I do not want to carry the burden of this sin whose reward is nothing but hellfire. Help me and guide me. You are like my father, advise me like a father. Nothing will be on your shoulder. I am responsible for everything. I do not care about this worldly life. Advise me to save my Aakhiraah. Wassalam.
Answer:-  You need to get a respected wise person to mediate between you and your
wife. As you are in Canada, you may consult Dr Sayed Khalil Tabatabaei who
is Montreal or any other pious Alaim. If you are away from Montreal, you
may contact nearest Shia Masjid or Center. If you inform us about your city
or town, we might be able to suggest.
Mohammad al-Musawi

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