The Prophet (SAWA) said, 'Allah has created every single vicegerent of His with generosity as their natural disposition.

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salaam u alaikum, a hadith from Imam Sadiq (AS)'Do not cut down fruit trees for Allah will pour down punishment unto you', my question is, i have done this, but at the time i did not know at all that it was a sin, now that i have read this i feel that i may be being punished because of it, what can i do to stop it, and make my mistake right ? do i have to plant the fruit trees again ?
Answer:-  You may repeat Istighfaar and plant a fruit tree.
Mohammad al-Musawi

Question ID  570  -  Major Sins
I cannot satisfy my wife she says me that.. aap kamzor ho gaye ho bohot aapka bohot jaldi flow ho jata hai... m sorry to ask you this question but pls can u suggest me how can I satisfy my wife
Answer:-  Try to prolong the foreplay time with your wife. If the problem remains,
you need to see a doctor.
Question ID  554  -  Major Sins
Salam, I have seizures this prevents me from working for a living and providing for my children and myself. I have been on the waiting list for medical and housing assistance for 3 years my home I rent from is foreclosed the owner lost it. I am a legal marijuana patient is it haram for me to use? Or sell it to get by or provide for myself ? I have ask for help from the Muslim community and those owning businesses no help. How do I survive?
Answer:-  It is not allowed in Islam to consume, sell or buy any intoxicant.
Mohammad al-Musawi
Question ID  508  -  Major Sins
Is doing zanjeer a major sin? and if not then why do people do it ? it causes you self harm and self harm is not allowed in Islam. This gives our Ahle sunnah brothers a bad view about us.
Answer:-  You may ask the Marja' of Taqleed whom you are following.

Question ID  452  -  Major Sins
SALAAMUN ALAIKUM...sir i am a 20 year old youngster. From last year onwards I have caught up with the bad habit of masturbating and day-by-day it seems to become like an addiction...i continuously try to resist myself and get rid of my strong sexual desires but i always become unsuccessful and finally this sexual urge culminates in my ejaculation....... plz help me to get rid of this habit...i have written many arizaas to IMAAM-E-ZAMAANAA(A.T.F.S.) but i have had got no help in controlling myself.I offer lot of duaas and supplications to ALLAAH SUBHAANU WA TAALAA but i am still failing again and again in front of shaitaan(L.A.Q.Z.)...PLZ GUIDE ME...with regards and duaas for you...khudaa-haafiz.
Answer:-  =D9=90ARIZA alone will not help if you do not be strong enough to reject
Satanic desires.
.You must train your will power to be stronger and stronger. It is like
an exercise
1. You need to fast as many days as you can because fasting helps
in controlling sexual desire.
2. When Shaitan tells you to masturbate, remember the sever punishment of
hell fire. Make your hand near any fire and ask yourself whether you will
tolerate the hell fire which is millions of times bigger than the fire of
this world. You also remember the Paradise and what Allah (SWT) has kept
for those who obey Him and keep themselves away from evil desires.
3. You need to repeat seeking forgiveness of the previous sins
and repent and decide not to do it again. Masturbation is a major sin which
leads if not forgiven to hell-fire.
Mohammad al-Musawi
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