The Prophet (SAWA) said, 'Allah has created every single vicegerent of His with generosity as their natural disposition.

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Question ID  1186  -  Major Sins -  2014-02-28 21:30:02
I just got to know my friend had sex with a non Muslim na mahram but he doesn't know that I know about it how should I treat him or live with him with him being my Roommate.?
Answer:-  What do you mean by : he does not know about it?
If he has committed this major sin, you must tell him to seek forgiveness
after repenting. You are not responsible if your room mate commits a sin.
You need to advise him to avoid sins because sins are the way to miserable
life here and here after.
Mohammad al-Musawi
Question ID  1166  -  Major Sins -  2014-02-20 21:00:01
Can masturbution be justified to avoid zina? What if wife has no desire for sex?
Answer:-  Masturbation is not allowed at all, but if your wife uses her hands or any
other part of her body to make you ejaculate, that is allowed.
Mohammad al-Musawi

Question ID  1002  -  Major Sins -  2014-01-04 09:45:01
Salaam Alaykum Syeddina, I am a young 22 years old adult (male) and since I was a teenager I was masturbating and still continue to masturbate. Alhamdulilah some times I can control it but very rarely I can't control it and I masturbate. The reason behind masturbating is that I look at people (women) with lust and I am afraid of getting into Zinah. I know this act is not permissible or haraam, but I have no choice other than this. I can't get married as I haven't got sufficient money to get married. So instead of looking at women with lust and afraid of committing zina, So my question are 1) am I allowed to masturbate under these circumstances? and 2) is masturbation haraam or not permissible? Once I masturbate I feel very calm and normal. I follow the maraja of Ayatullah Sistani.
Answer:-  Masturbation is a major sin in Islam and there is nothing to change this
rule. You must stop committing this sin immediately and seek forgiveness
for the past sins. You must avoid looking at sexual seems or reading or
listening to things which may cause you sexual urge, and you need to
remember the Paradise which is for the pious who control over their desires
and do not commit sins, and remember the Hellfire which for the sinners who
follow their sinful desires.
The Hadeeth says that the person who masturbates will come on the Day of
Judgement with his hand enlarged like a mountain and will be degraded in
front of all people then will be sent to Hellfire. The person who refuses
the evil desire of masturbation and controls over himself, will granted
with peace of mind in this life , which much more that the lust of
masurbation, beside the great reward in Paradise with the pious followers
of Ahlul Bayt (AS).
mohammad al-Musawi

Question ID  943  -  Major Sins -  2013-12-15 19:00:01
Salamun Alaikum.Can you give list of minor sin as whatever sins I know till now are major sins only. I want to know which are the minor sins?
Answer:-  List of minor sins will be very long but they are the acts which are
forbidden in every side and area in life. There is a book called (Hodood
al-Sharia) written by Ayatullah Shaikh Aaasif Mohsini on this subject.
Mohammad al-Musawi

Question ID  664  -  Major Sins -  2013-08-07 05:45:01
Asalam'alykum. May Allah Glorified bless you and your family. From the age of 8 problems in life especially from severe bullying and attacks at school made me depressed. In my mid to late teens I drank alcohol, purchased alcohol for myself and non-Muslims and ate pork. In my early twenties I became very sorry for this. I have since repented feeling upset and ashamed and tried to be a good Muslim. I have even become very ill and nearly died. I became malnourished losing muscle as well, which I accepted because I lost from my body the unlawful filth I drank and ate from before. Unfortunately a few years have passed and I am still suffering. I repent everyday but still feel like I am cursed by God and being punished. What more can I do to lift this curse from the alcohol and pork (if there is one) because my daily physical health is bad, I lost my job some years ago and now I'm mentally depressed and I don't think I can carry on. Thanks, Wa'Salam'alaykum.
Answer:-  If you have sincerely repented and really decided not to commit such sins again, you need to seek forgiveness and never lose hope in the mercy of Allah (SWT) as He forgives all sins ( except monotheism).
Repeating Istighfaar especially during night time and while you are in Sojood, or during the Qonoot of Salatul Witr which is the last Rak'at of Salatul Layl, is very helpful.
Never doubt the promise of Allah (SWT) to forgive those who sincerely repent and seek forgiveness. In fact, sincere repentance might cause transforming the previous sins into good deeds as we read in Quran.
Mohammad al-Musawi

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