The Prophet (SAWA) said, 'Allah has created every single vicegerent of His with generosity as their natural disposition.

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Assalamaualikaum dear sir Hope you are well by the Grace of Allah. Please can you tell me if i am going to fast tomorrow and the namaz time of fajar is said to be 250am - sunrise is 530am. What time can I have my sehri tea & snacks? Can I say my namaz & eat after that too? Please make clear. Also can you tell me a specific dua from our Imams AS for skin disease. Thank you & may Allah grant you health & a very long life with all your loved ones, ameen. Khuda hafiz
Answer:-  1. Sehri food or drink must stop before Fajr. You are not allowed to eat or
drink after Morning Azan time.
2. Recite Ayatul Kursi seven times on water then pour the water on the skin.
Mohammad al-Musawi

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Slamunalycum Sir, I am v sorry to say some few lines [but I have no right to say] that just some suggestion that sir, u instruct the concern staff to revise all cases every term period door to door and confirm what is the current financial position how many person depend him how much income etc. his son is working or not by neighbor or other then certify by respected local ulma if find wrong information I will take serious action against because some are miss using aid by u . May be that time was necessary aid and present time is may be better finance position. Aid person was not like to work because all purpose is completed by aid like education medical, house , food . Here is in Mumbai mumbra some people waslaam sorry for inconvenience zaidi
Answer:-  Salam wr wb
Thank you very much. We are trying to do so to make the help go only to the really deserving persons. If you have any useful details or authentic information, please inform us.
Mohammad al-Musawi

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salam my daughter is 7 months old. how to introduce islam and worldly things to her. what is the best way and which age? duas
Answer:-  She is just seven months , means she is too young to be taught, and you
need to wait till she is three years, then you teach her to say LA ILAAHA
Nevertheless, you must keep the child away from hearing unlawful voices
like songs and music, and try to make the child hear Quranic recitation,
Majlis, Matam and Du'a which will have a good impact on the heart and mind
of the child.
The narration from Ahlul Bayt (AS) says: If the child reaches three years,
tell him to say seven times: LA ILAAHA ILLALLAH, then leave him until he
reaches three years and seven months and twenty days, tell him: MOHAMMAD
RASOOLULLLAH seven times, and leave until his four years,and then tell him
leave until he is five years, and then said to him: Which is right and
which is your left hand?If you were his six years said to him: Pray,
Mohammad al-Musawi

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Many people say writing Inshallah in one word is wrong as it means Create Allah. They say Inshallah should be written as In sha Allah which means If Allah wills. How true is that? What is the right way of writing Inshallah? pls explain in detail. Wassalaam.
Answer:-  >
> All the forms mentioned in your question are right, because
> the meaning intended is the same which is (If Allah wills) or (If Allah
> wants) or or (If Allah permits) or (God willing).

If you write it in Arabic it is =C5=E4 =D4=C7=C1 =C7=E1=E1=E5

But in English or any other language, there is no specific spelling and
every one can write what he means the same meaning.
Mohammad al-Musawi
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Aaj kal nohe me hath k matam k jagah dhol ka use ho raha h kya ye theek hai ye cheez sab se pehle nadeem sarwar k cassettes me sunne me aayi h or baki log bhi apply krne lage hain kya ise roka nhi ja skta. Agr koi ghair sadaat ka aadmi puch le k ye music kyu h nohe me to ham kya jawab denge
Answer:-  Noha should not have music in it.

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