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Question ID  558  -  Miscellaneous
Salam aleikum! Please, are we allowed to use mouth wash since it has alcohol of a percentage. I regularly have took problem.
Answer:-  Yes it is allowed to use mouth wash which has a small percentage of
alcohol, as we usually wash mouth with water after using the mouth wash. We
should not swallow such mouth wash.
Mohammad al-Musawi

Question ID  556  -  Miscellaneous
Salam un Alaikum, I was wondering if you could help me in clearing the facts about the continuation of generations after Hazrat Adam as and his children..with who were married daughters and sons of Prophet Adam? and How did the future generations continue?? please give the Shia view on this issue in some detail with references because I am stuck in a debate on this issue with a Sunni brother.
The authentic evidences from the Prophet Mohammad (SAWA) and his holy Progen=
y (Ahlul Bayt (AS), confirm that no marriage took place at all between real b=
rothers with their real sisters , but Allah (SWT) sent to them from the Para=
dise spouses for marriage.=20
The claim that children of Adam married their real sisters is the claim of Z=
oroastrians and the enemies of the Prophets and many Muslims who don't care t=
o insult the prophets, while the authentic Hadeeths narrated by Ahlul Bayt (=
AS) refute this false allegation and confirms the pure origin of the human b=
Mohammad al-Musawi
Question ID  552  -  Miscellaneous
salam some duas are recommeded to write on deerskin and like that and keep with us as in the dua-e-sabasab. can it shall be writen on simple papr and keep with us and it effect the same as recommed specific things? iltemas-e-dua
Answer:-  Yes we can write it on paper as well.
Question ID  546  -  Miscellaneous
salam sayed..i want to know the complete defination of zina?? if a girl and a boy did,nt make complete sexual relationship so it wil be cal zina??
Answer:-  Zina is a major sin which has many degrees. Looking at the non Mahram with sexual desire is a degree and a sinful act, as the Hadeeth says ( The eye commits Zina by looking at the non Mahram).
Touching is more dangerous sin, and full Zina is the fornication which leads to hell fire.
Sexual relationship with out sexual intercourse is not Full Zina.
Mohammad al-Musawi
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I wish to speak to Sayed Musawi, I am a sister who is a convert to school of Ahl al Bayt, I need to ask Sayed Musawi if he has contact details for Sheikh Uthman al-Khamees? Is it possible for me to call him, meaning can you ask permission from him for contact details>
Answer:-  Salam Sister
You may email your number to
We will try to call you to give you the required number.

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