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Peace be upon you! I am a converted Shia Muslim from Germany and would like to know His Excellencies opinion on the following matter: The Holy Quran warns us, to take non-believers or disbelievers as friends or guardians. What is the judgement on a close friendship to someone who considers himself as an Atheist who believes that the devine religions can be disapproved by science and is showing this opinion to the believers in his talks on a daily basis? May Allah reward you for your efforts and be the blessings upon you!
Answer:-  Islam does not forbid friendship with non Muslims; it does however forbid
Muslims from being dependant and followers of non Muslims.

The atheist who keeps propagating his opinion needs to be guided and
advised. If you see that he is rejecting the evidence and insisting on his
wrong opinion, you should not waste time with him.

Mohammad Al-Musawi
Question ID  2194  -  Non Muslims Q&A
In order for a person to become a Muslim do they need to believe in all 5 of the Usool e Deen or just Tawheed and Nabuwwa? Also how does one become a momin? is it by believing in the Usool e Deen and practicing all of the Furu e Deen?
Answer:-  To become a Muslim, it is compulsory to believe in Tawheed, Nubowwat and
To become a Mo'min, it is compulsory to add to the previous three, the
faith in Adl and Imamat.
Mo'min has many degrees, starting with the faith in the five Usool e Deen,
then practising the order of Shariat.
Real Mo'mins are those who practise all Shariat in their life.
Mohammad al-Musawi
Question ID  2110  -  Non Muslims Q&A
Slamunalycum I am syed hasan zaidi My quationi is below Can I give the my sadka to non muslim?
Answer:-  If there is no Muslim poor at all, you may give the Sadaqa to non Muslim,
but try to give it to the really deserving.
Mohammad al-Musawi

Question ID  2093  -  Non Muslims Q&A
Salaam, Kindly guide me as to why are the zoarastrians consider paak
Answer:-  Zoarastrians are considered from Ahlul Kitab because they had a prophet
whom they killed, and a book which they burnt, according to Hadeeths. Ahlul
Kitab are Paak according to many Ulama including Ayatullah Sistani.
Mohammad al-Musawi
Question ID  1858  -  Non Muslims Q&A
As Salamun Alaikum Aaga.. My Question is that i am a working woman and where we stay we dont find muslim maid is it ok to keep Ehlai kitab maids. Iltemas-e-Dua.
Answer:-  Most of our Ulama say that all non Muslims including Ahlul Kitab must be
avoided in the matter of Tahara (ritual purity). Few Ulama including
Ayatollah Sistani say that Ahlul Kitab can be considered as Tahir but it is
recommended precaution to avoid them in the matter of Tahara.

I advise you to search for Muslim maid as much as you can and if you don=E2=
find, you can apply the opinion of Ayatollah Sistani.


Mohammad al-Musawi.
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