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Question ID  5143  -  Wuzu / Ghusl / Bath -  2020-01-06 03:15:02
Salam Alaikum. Is it ok to run your fingers through your hair while doing ghusl to make sure water reaches all parts of the head ?
Answer:-  Yes, you can do that.
Question ID  5142  -  Wuzu / Ghusl / Bath -  2020-01-04 04:30:02
Salam Alaikum. Does having grown long nails of toes and fingers invalidate ghusl or wudhu ?
Answer:-  Long nails which cover any part of the fingers or toe prevents water from
reaching, and makes Ghusl not possible. Wudhu is valid if one finger in not
covered by the varnish and it was wiped over.
Question ID  5141  -  Wuzu / Ghusl / Bath -  2020-01-03 23:00:02
Salam Alaikum. Do long finger nails or toe nails invalidate ghusl ?
Answer:-  Yes, nail or toe nail varnish prevents water hence Ghusl is not possible.
Question ID  5140  -  Wuzu / Ghusl / Bath -  2020-01-03 19:00:01
Salam Alaikum. I want to ask that if while performing ghusl under the shower,on my right and left sides. I wash my body such that when one part of my right/left side is made wet I take that part of body out and let in another part of the same side to make sure water reached all my body. Is my ghusl valid ?
Answer:-  Yes, Ghusl is valid.

Question ID  5104  -  Wuzu / Ghusl / Bath -  2019-11-28 04:15:01
Salam I have a Tattoo on my chest ( Ya Ali Madad ) in English I just found out today that Seyyed Sistani says its alright to get Ahlulbayt Names Tattooed as long as when you do ghusl you pour the water over the tattoo without touching it with your hand until ghusl is complete. Regarding Ghusl did Agha Sistani mean If my Tattoo ( Ya Ali Madad ) is in Arabic I can not touch it when performing Ghusl ? Because my Tattoo is in English.. do I perform Ghusl differently or as Usual? Thank you
Answer:-  Wa Alaykum Assalam wr wb
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