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Question ID  3914  -  Hadeeth
Umar was a real kafir and Zandeeq. (Kashf-ul-asrar, Khaminee, page #119). If this is true then why the Hazrat Ali give his daughter to Umar (R.A)?
Answer:-  It is not rue at all. It is a fabricated story for political reasons.
Mohammad Al-Musawi

Question ID  3913  -  Hadeeth
Allaah often lies and does mistakes. (usool-e-kaafi, page #328, yaqoob kulaini, vol1) This is a hadith qouted from your books right!? what do you mean by this?
Answer:-  There is no such Hadeeth at all. This is part of the false propaganda against us.
You can ask those who told you to give you a photo copy of the page(usool-e-kaafi, page #328, yaqoob kulaini, vol1), you will see then that there is nothing like this at all
Mohammad Al-Musawi
Question ID  3687  -  Hadeeth
Is there a hadeeth in Shia resources about the prohibition of decorating and embellishment of a large Mosque (1400 Musalli) with verses of the Quran carved in stone or Islamic design patterns designed by an architect. Also about the limit of the height of minarets.
Answer:-  It is not Haraam, unless it reaches to wasting the money, but it is Makrouh (disliked) to over spend on decorating the Masjids. The minaret should not be very high.
Mohammad Al-Musawi

Question ID  3364  -  Hadeeth
One person told me that when Ayatuullah najaf e marashi had meet imam zamana (a.s.) imam said to him that tell our shias to where a aqeeq ring and on that aqeeq write the names of the imams (a.s.) and if that person dies place the aqeeq under his tongue my question is did imam mean that same aqeeq on which the names of all the imams (a.s.) had been written?
Answer:-  It is Mustahab ( recommended ) to wear Aqeeq ring and also Mustahab to put
Aqeeq stone beneath the tongue before burial. Writing the names of the
Masoomeen ( AS) is good but it must be coated so that not exposed to been
touched with out Taharah.
Mohammad Al-Musawi
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Having trouble finding the book tib-e Imam Sadiq alayhi al salam, in English? Do you have any suggestions?
Answer:- =E2=80=BA tibb

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