The Prophet (SAWA) said, 'Allah has created every single vicegerent of His with generosity as their natural disposition.

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Question ID  4084  -  Hadeeth
Please verify if this hadith found in the books of our brothers is correct. I believe it is found in Sahih al Jami and al-Tirmidhi: If one of you were to be stabbed in the head by an iron needle it would be better for him then touching a women whom he is not permitted to touch
Answer:-  Yes, this Hadeeth is narrated in many books of Hadeeth including Shia and Sunni books.
Mohammad Al-Musaw

Question ID  4044  -  Hadeeth
"If Allah were to appoint 13 Imams, the 13th one would have been my grand unlce Abul Fadl al-Abbas (as) " - Imam Mahdi (as)....Is this Hadith true..if it is true please give reference.thank you
Answer:-  Hazrat Abbas greatness in mentioned in many Hadeethes but we did not read
such narration in our authentic books. The person who quoted this narration
must prove it from authentic source.
. You need to ask him for authentic references if any.
Mohammad Al-Musawi

Question ID  4007  -  Hadeeth
Please verify if the prophet (as) mentioned in the mafatih al jinan that "If you, on Fridays, see old men telling the tales of infidelity and of the pre-Islamic era you should then make their heads the targets of stones." is authentic or not.
Answer:-  The narration is mentioned in some books, but the meaning of it is not what you translated . It means (if it has all authentic narrators) : Not to listen to such useless things on Friday.
Mohammad Al-Musawi

Question ID  3914  -  Hadeeth
Umar was a real kafir and Zandeeq. (Kashf-ul-asrar, Khaminee, page #119). If this is true then why the Hazrat Ali give his daughter to Umar (R.A)?
Answer:-  It is not rue at all. It is a fabricated story for political reasons.
Mohammad Al-Musawi

Question ID  3913  -  Hadeeth
Allaah often lies and does mistakes. (usool-e-kaafi, page #328, yaqoob kulaini, vol1) This is a hadith qouted from your books right!? what do you mean by this?
Answer:-  There is no such Hadeeth at all. This is part of the false propaganda against us.
You can ask those who told you to give you a photo copy of the page(usool-e-kaafi, page #328, yaqoob kulaini, vol1), you will see then that there is nothing like this at all
Mohammad Al-Musawi
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