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Question ID  3006  -  Youth issues
Hairs of which areas of body are compulsary to be shave and what is the size of hairs that is unacceptable?
Answer:-  It is recommended to remove the unwanted hair which is on the private parts
and under the arms=D9=88 every forty days for man, and every twenty days fo=
Mohammad Al-Musawi
Question ID  2916  -  Youth issues
Asslaamwalekum, Sir, i had asked you two questions regarding the same matter. i have mentioned question ID of these two questions (Question ID- 2905 & 2906 in youth issues section). sir, you had already done istikhara regarding the above mentioned issues & you said the istikhara is good in both the cases. sir, but it is still a dought ful condition to convince her father because the istikhara is also good for the boy which he chosen for him. so, i want you to please do istikhara & tell me which one is best suitable in the above mention cases whether i or the boy which her father chosen for her.
Answer:-  I have already seen Istikhara and inform you about its result. There is no
need and no place for another Istikhara on the same subject.
Mohammad Al-Musai
Question ID  2911  -  Youth issues
Assalamwalekum, Sir, i want to do istikhara regarding my marriage whom i am with mutah since last five years but now our parents are not ready to marry us . sir, please do istikhara that if we tried our best to convince them & do marriage then it will be successful or not without any harmful effect to our families.
Answer:-  The Istikhara is Good.

Question ID  2910  -  Youth issues
Assalamwalekum, sir, i want to do ishtikhara about my career that whether i have opt merchant navy or do preperation for govt. jobs. though i wanted to do govt. job preperation but my father insist me to do merchant navy training. sir please do istikhara which option is best for me.
Answer:-  =E2=80=8BYou may discuss with your father , then agree with him on Istikhar=
a on
your options which are approved by him as well.
Mohammad Al-Musawi=E2=80=8B
Question ID  2906  -  Youth issues
Assalamwalekum, sir i want have doubt and want your help . sir my problem is i had in relationship with a sunni girl since last 5 & half years & we both love each other. we with consent to your site did mutah without seeking permission of girl father with a condition that we did not do intercourse till we are marry . now a girl father has want to do her girl marriage to some other boy of her cast & things are in final stage i talk to her father but he is not ready & the girl is also afraid of talking to her father & do what ever her father says but in a deep pain and i am also in deep pain reason we were living together since last 5 years though we met one or two times in a months but we except each other as husband and wife and happily living together . sir, i want to marry the girl and she also want to marry me. but she did not have guts to talk to her parents and because of this she suffered & i also suffered a lot we want to get marry but with consent to both families . i want to do istikhara that if we get marry together and put all possible efforts to do the things in our favor it will be good for us or not means our marriage will be successful or not. sir please do istikhara and reply soon as possible .
Answer:-  The Istikhara is Good.
No one is allowed to force any one else for marriage. Her father should be
told this fact : Enforced marriage is invalid.
Mohammad Al-Musawi
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