The Prophet (SAWA) said, 'Allah has created every single vicegerent of His with generosity as their natural disposition.

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Assaalaamwalekum, sir one of my female friend belong to sunni cast want to do ishtikhara regarding her marriage. please do the istikhara. that whether the boy which is father is chosen for her is ok for him and she will be happy in future by marrying the guy which her father chosen for him or not. sir, please reply soon. khudahafiz
Answer:-  Istikhara is Good.
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Im not able to memorize answer nowadays please tell me which dua to recite before studying please reply as soon as possible.
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Salamum alykum What should be the minimum length of beard Iltimas e dua Wassalam
Answer:-  Minimum beard is what can be seen by persons who see you from usual
distance of conversation.
Mohammad Al-Musawi
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Assalamunalekum, recently i have put french beard. some one said to me that it is an offence out of shariyat. i want to ask that what is the opinion of our marajah about it.
Answer:-  =E2=80=8BFrench beard is enough for man according to Ayatullah Khoei=E2=80=
=8B's verdict,
but it is not enough according to Ayatullah Sistani's verdict.
Mohammad Al-Musawi
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Salam Alaikum. While revising a lot of people like to listen to things whether it be nohas, nasheed or manqabat. However is it permissible to listen to Quran while doing something like studying?
Answer:-  Yes it is allowed but you should listen to Quranic recitation and not take
it as a sound only.
Mohammad Al-Musawi
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