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Question ID  3962  -  Haj & Umra -  2017-07-30 19:00:01
Salamun Alaikum....If someone has gone for Mustahab Umraa and return before completing it. So he is in Halaat of Ahraam. In this Halaat, He do Nikah with a girl. Is his Nikah Valid?
Answer:-  If he has entered the state of Ehraam for Umra, then he remains in the Ehraam till he completes all the rituals of Umra including Tawaf un Nisa and its two Ra’ats. Before that Nikah is invalid. If he is unable to perform that Tawaf, he can ask any one to do it on his behalf.
Mohammad l-Musawi

Question ID  3652  -  Haj & Umra -  2016-12-13 06:15:02
AOA, Im going for performing umra. My query is that once I performed umra for myself. Should I ve to go to mikat again to wear ihram for another umra which I wish to perform for my parents or I can wear ihram from my hotel room.thanks
Answer:-  Ehraam can not start but from Meeqaat. Your Meeqaat if you are in Makkah is
Masjid Al-tan'eem which is not far from Haram area. You must go there for
Ehraam for another Umra.
Mohammad Al-Musawi
Question ID  3646  -  Haj & Umra -  2016-12-04 15:30:01
Assalam o alaikum I have to perform umrah from Madinah but periods start before leaving someone told that you should not enter ehraam from abyar e Ali instead go to Makkah n after ghusl perform umrah from masjid e Aisha but now someone told that I have to give fidya as with firm intention of umrah one can not pass through meeqat without entering ehram?
Answer:-  Wearing Ehraam and entering in state of Ehraam is allowed during period of
menstruation. Entering Mackay is also allowed. Entering Masjid AL Haram or
any other Masjid is not allowed tilll you are Taahir from menstruation.
Mohammad Al-Musawi
Question ID  3527  -  Haj & Umra -  2016-09-02 07:30:02
what is the origin of tawaf un nisa.Did Prophet and Ahlebait perform it?
Answer:-  Yes, Tawafun Nisa was performed by the Prophet (SAWA) and all Ahlul Bayt
(AS) and they taught every Muslim to perform it, but for political reasons,
many Muslims were been kept unaware of it.
=D8=B9=D9=86 =D8=A7=D8=A8=D9=86 =D8=B9=D8=A8=D8=A7=D8=B3 =D8=A7=D9=86=D9=87=
=D9=82=D8=A7=D9=84: ((=D8=A3=D9=8F=D9=85=D8=B1 =D8=A7=D9=84=D9=86=D8=A7=D8=
=B3 =D8=A7=D9=86 =D9=8A=D9=83=D9=88=D9=86 =D8=A2=D8=AE=D8=B1 =D8=B9=D9=87=
=D8=AF=D9=87=D9=85 =D8=A8=D8=A7=D9=84=D8=A8=D9=8A=D8=AA =D8=A7=D9=84=D8=B7=
This Hadeeth is narrated in Sunni main books of Hadeeth. It says that:
(People were been ordered to make last visit for Ka'ba with Tawaf.)
This is obvious that it is an obligatory Tawaf. This is Tawafun Nisa.
Mohammad Al-Musawi

Question ID  3478  -  Haj & Umra -  2016-07-24 03:30:02
1. Can we enter Makkah without Ihram. 2. After rest go to Miqat (Taif) and wear Ihram for Umrah e Mufarda. Maraja... Syed Ali Khamenei
Answer:-  No, it is not allowed to enter Makkah with out Ehraam. You can rest in
Jeddah or any other place before entering Makkah, but you are not allowed
to enter Makkah with out Ehraam.
Mohammad Al-Musawi
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