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Question ID  3113  -  Haj & Umra
Kiya koi sunni kisi shia bachay kai behalf per umrah kar sakta hai?
Answer:-  Umra must be performed properly according to The real Sunna of the Prophet
(SAWA) and his Ahlul Bayt (AS).
Question ID  3112  -  Haj & Umra
Salam o alikum. Is it neccassary for small kids below 6 years of age to perform all the steps of umrah if they miss any of them then what is the rule?
Answer:-  It is not obligatory on them to do all the steps, but it is recommended for
their parents to help them to perform Umra.
Mohammad Al-Musawi

Question ID  3111  -  Haj & Umra can you perform the missing tawaf un Nissa first and then the umrah?as it is neccasary to enter in makkah in state of ehram you first perform tawaf un nissah and then go to meqqat again and do niyyat for umrah and then perform umrah?
Answer:-  Before Performing Tawafun Nisa, your previous Ehraam is still going on and
you are not allowed another Ehraam.
First perform the remaining Tawafun Nisa and two Rak'ats after it, then go
to Meeqaat for new Ehraam.
Mohammad Al-Musawi
Question ID  3110  -  Haj & Umra
Salam....thanks for the question is if a child below 6 years perform umrah but left tawaf un Nissa and no one can do at that time on his behalf should it be neccesary for the child or any one on his behalf to do it later or not.can a child go on next umrah again without that?
Answer:-  Any one can perform the Tawafun Nisa on his behalf if he can not, or he can
perform it when he goes, but no other Umra is allowed until Tawafun Nisa is
been performed.
Mohammad Al-Musawi

Question ID  3108  -  Haj & Umra
Salam...Agar 6 years say chotay bachay umrah mn sth hon to kiya unkai leay lazmi hai kai ehram kai bad sara umrah complete krayn?or agar wo thak jayn or tawaf un nissa na kar payn to kiya unko bd mn karna paray GA?ya zarori ni or wo dobara b umrah kar saktay hn
Answer:-  It is not obligatory on a child to enter the state of Ehraam, although it
is recommended on his parents to make him in Ehraam and teach him how to
perform Umra or accompany him in the steps of Umra or Hajj.
If he could not perform Tawaf Nisa, any one else can perform it on his
Mohammad Al-Musawi
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