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Question ID  3918  -  Salat
Salaamunalikum.... When i offer wajib namaz i often forget how many times i have recited taseeb e arba durin namaz... In this condition what should i do... This doubt occurs during namaz not after namaz.... I follow ayoutullah sistani.. Tha k you
Answer:-  If the doubt repeatedly happening, you can ignore it.
If it is happening sometimes, then recite the Tasbeehaat Arbaa to be sure that you have fulfilled your duty.
Mohammad Al-Musawi

Question ID  3898  -  Salat
As slamunalykum Sir, I want to know that I can pray namaz when my head is covered with something like cap or other material? If yes then give reason or not then also give reason. Takleed by marja A.Slstani Sb. Thanks shukrea. Wasalam
Answer:-  Covering the head during Namaz is not necessary. Wearing a turban is
recommended while praying.
Mohammed Al-Musawi

Question ID  3884  -  Salat
Who is considered daim musaifr? because every Ramadan we travel, so is this considered?C
Answer:-  The person whose work is in traveling and travels for work at least ten days per month, is called Daim Assafar (request traveler ). He must pray full and fast.

Question ID  3849  -  Salat
Salam Are we allowed to combine niyya of qadha and mustahab, say fajr qadha and nawafil? If so aare there any references for this in any Shia books?
Answer:-  It is Not allowed to combine Niyya of Qadha and Nawaafil. Qadha needs its own Niyya and action while Nawaafil needs its own Niyya and action.
Mohammad Al-Musawi
Question ID  3842  -  Salat
If in jama3ah your wudu becomes invalid can you walk out of saff? If not you pray it after do you still get reward of jama3at?
Answer:-  Yes, if your Wudhu is broken, you can walk out from the row of the Jama3ah if out wish, but if you feel embraced to walk out, you can continue if you are not in the first row, then pray again after performing Wudhu.
Mohammad Al-Musawi

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