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Question ID  4220  -  Salat
Salamun alaikum. A shia praying in a sunni masjid behind a sunni imam for salat ( Subuh, Zohor, Asar, Magrib and Isyak). Do I have to redo all the prayers on my own after finished each salat. Thank you.
Answer:-  Wa Alaykum Assalam wr wb
After being sure that the time of Salah has entered, you can pray with Sunni brothers but you need to recite every thing in Salah for yourself, with out raising your voice. You don’t need to repeat that Sala again.
Mohammad Al-Musawi

Question ID  4211  -  Salat
Assalaamun alaykum sayyid, as discussed please could you give references for ending the salaat with Allahu Anbar 3 times from Sunni hadith , thank you Rohail
Salamun Alaykum wr wb
The Prophet (SAWA) used to say( Allah Akbar ) 3 times after every Salah.
1. In Bukhari, Vol 1, Page 204 (Arabic edition) and Muslim , Vol 2, Page 91 and 92, and Abu Dawood ; 1 ; 226, Chapter of Takbeer after Salah:
: From Ibn Abbas: I used to know the end of the Salah During the time of The Prophet (SAWA),when I hear the Takbeer.

2. In Musnad Ahmad Bin Hanbal ; from Ibn Abbas : I never knew the end of the Salah of the Prophet (SAWA) but only when I hear the Takbeer.
Mohammad Al-Musawi

Question ID  4201  -  Salat
salaams REfering to number 26636 is it saying Taravih is accepted? WOuld you please translate this? I came across this link بررسی سندی نماز تراویح در معتبرترین کتاب روایی شیعه which is referring to the hadith above? many thanks and bless you regards, Ali
Answer:-   Wa Alaykum Assalam wr wb
Nothing at all in this link or any where else in Shia and even Sunni books supporting Namaz Taraweeh. We have Night Prayer or Tahajjud (Namaz Shab) which is performed individually, but Taraweeh is a Bid’at because it is been started long after the Prophet (SAWA) by Umar Bin Khattab in year 14 after Hijra (Refer to Bukhari Hadeeth 2010 and Muslim where Umar himself called Taraweeh as a Bid’at).
These people are deceiving and trying to mislead others claiming that there s an evidence in Shia books about Taraweeh, while the link has only Hadeethes on the individually performed Night Prayer not Taraweeh which they do it with congregation.
Mohammad Al-Musawi


Question ID  4193  -  Salat
AoA, When traveling on an airplane when the time is going backwards, for example coming from Pakistan to USA, the time for salat is also going backwards. Are we supposed to pray salat by timing, even though we are leaving on a Monday at Fajr time and arriving on the same Monday at Fajr time, or perform the salat within those hours of traveling backwards? Salam
Answer:-  Whenever the time of Fajr starts on you wherever you are, you must perform Fajr Prayer. Going towards west will not require you to repeat your Fajr Prayer again unless the air starts again on you.

Question ID  4187  -  Salat
بسمه تعالى Asslamo Alaykum Please provide ruling for the following matter: In obligatory prayers Is it permissible to recite the following as form of dua before beginning tashud: الحمد للہ الذی جعل من المتمسقین بولایتہ علی Prior before recitation of the two testimonies tashud: اشھد ان لا الہ الا اللہ واشھد ان محمد عبدہ و رسول اللھم صلی علی محمد و ال محمد If one has been reciting: الحمد للہ الذی جعل من المتمسقین بولایتہ عل As a form of dua prior to the two testimonies is the salaat correct ? Regards Wslaam Alaykum
Answer:-  It is allowed to recite Dua during Namaz, but what you have written is not
a Dua.
It can be اللهـم اجعلنا من المتمسكين بولاية
أمير المؤمنين
Mohammad Al-Musawi

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