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Question ID  4308  -  Salat
Salam Maulana, i am still new follower, refer to Q1364, salat waaledain when to perform i cannot find a detail due to spelling i guess. And no 2. When to recite tasbih arbaa during 3rd and 4th rakaat? No3. If in jamaah while praying and somebody getting sick do we allow to stop praying to help. Thanks
Answer:-  Wa Alaykum Assalam wr wb

1. Salat for Walidain (reward for parents) can be performed any time.
2. In 3rd and 4th rakat, we recite tasbeehaat Arbaah instead of Sura Al-Fatiha while standing.
3.Yes it is allowed or May Be compulsory to help even if you have to stop your prayer as far as it is urgently required to help others.
Mohammad Al-Musawi

Question ID  4278  -  Salat
Assalam alaikum I am mukallid of Ayatullah Khamenei. Q.Is there only 5 place in namaz where sajdah sahw is wajib or more place.if only 5 place then what we do for those ommissions and added in salah like qayam (standing) at a place where we should not do that e.g in qayam during recitation of surah we remind that we forget one sajdah so we sit and perform another sajdah and again we stand and start the recitation of surahs again at this place should we perform sajdah sahw ? how sajdah sahw is performed is there 4 sajdhas in two sajda sahw? answer please
Answer:-  The example which you mentioned is one of the cases where Sajda Sahw is
Sajda Sahw is two Sajdas in each of them to say during prostration:
Question ID  4262  -  Salat
Your Eminence, I have a question about salat istijara .. to pay a Moulana for missed prayers. For example as I was a Christian previously, and since then converted to Islam should I ask/pay a Moulana to do Salat Isijara on my behalf for 30 years of missed prayer? And if so, how to calculate? next week I have family visiting Mashad for Ziyarat of Imam Rida and I appreciate your guidance on this matter. Thank you.
Answer:-  > Salamun Alaykum wr wb
> Namaz Estiā€™jari or Est'jar is possible behalf of a person who passed away before fulfilling all his obligatory Namaz. It can not be done for a person who is still alive.
> Second important point: You do not need to pray for the period when you were non Muslim. Your responsibility to perform Namaz and other obligators started from the time of you became Muslim only, not before that.
> Please pray for all Momineen during your Ziyarat.
> Wassalam
> Mohammad Al-Musawi

Question ID  4258  -  Salat
salaam alaikum, Can we offer a daily namaz e wahshat for sawab, with the niyaah "the momineen who are buried today". in taqleed of Agha Sayyid Sistani. p
Yes and it is very good to do it and you will get great reward Insha Allah.
Question ID  4250  -  Salat
Salam. It is a 15 hour plane flight from Abu Dhabi to Chicago. We left on Tuesday morning around 4:00 AM from Abu Dhabi, and arrive on the same Tuesday Morning around 8:00 AM in Chicago. We read Fajr on the plane. The time stayed constant at 7:00 AM for the rest of the flight. The time for Dhuhr, Asr, Magrab and Isha did not come. Should we read qada for these salat since they are to be prayed within a 15 hour time period, or is there no qada because the time for these salat never came? Thank you.
Answer:-  No Qadha on you because the time of Dhuhr and Asr never came on you because
of the areas you were passing.
Mohammad Al-Musawi

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