Verily Allah gives succour to this community only as a result of [the presence of] the weak among them, their supplication, their prayer and their sincerity

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Question ID  4083  -  Salat
Assalam Alaikum WRWB. Aagha se mera sawal ye hai ki Agar Aik Shakhs Saudia ke Aik Shahar me Kafi Arse se Job karta hai aur ab uska transfer kisi doosre shahar me hogaya magar wahan abhi ghar rent par nahi milsaka.Woh Five working days Kisi soorat wahin stay karta hai aur Two days chhutti ke apne purane shahar me guzarta hai . Ab Aisa shaks Namaz Qasr padhe ya Poori ? Wassalam Thanksoute
Answer:-  He has to pray full at the new place because he spends five says every week
for work.
The place which he already has a residence in is also Full Namaz.
Mohammad Al-Musawi
Question ID  4079  -  Salat
I forgot that I am in Halat e janabah and I went to Jumah prayers, after a couple of hours i became aware of this. I am in taqlid of Agha Sistani. Kindly tell what procedure i need to follow. Shukran sayyid
Answer:-  You need to perform Ghusl of Janabat and pray Zohr and Asr.
Mohammad Al-Musawi
Question ID  4055  -  Salat
Is a non-muslim allowed to enter mosques for tourist reasons?
Answer:-  Mushriks are not allowed to enter Masjid.
Question ID  4054  -  Salat
Assalamo alaikum agha I would like to inquire that which sunnat prayers is it sinful to ignore, as I have heard about the the two sunnat before fajr and the witrr being moakkadah sunnat prayers.
Answer:-  Wa Alaykum Assalam wr wb
It is wrong to ignore Salatul Layl ( Namaz Shab).
Mohammad Al-Musawi
Question ID  4051  -  Salat
Assalamo alaikum If I mispronounce a word in surahe fatiha such that I say alhamd u lillahay instead of alhamdulillahi because of not knowing the correct pronunciation is my prayer valid or must I repeat.
Answer:-  Your prayer is valid as far you recite as much as you know and can and you
don=E2=80=99t intend to recite wrongly.
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