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Question ID  414  -  Fasting (Sawm)
Salam My age is 33yrs and till now I had been fasting in every ramzaan except those when I had been gone through operations for kids n once for renal stone. I didn't remember how many farz fasts I had kaza with me so for the last few years I had been fasting at least once or twice a week. Now I think that my kaza fasts would have finished n if I keep on fasting with the niyat of nafil fast n still there is any kaza left with me which I may not b remembering so will my fasts kept with the niyat of nafil compensate my kaza? Now also when I do niyat of nafil fast I do say that I'm fasting nafil but if any of kaza of my farz is left which I don't know then this may b treated as my kaza. So am I correct or else please suggest me what I should do. Thanks.
Answer:-  No Nafl fasting (recommended Fasting) is valid when there is obligatory
Qaza fasting, so, when you are still not sure that all your obligatory
fasts are done as Qaza, you may fast with the intention of Amma fithimma,
which means for what ever you are responsible, whether Qaza if there is a
remaining Qaza, or if there is no Qaza then Nafl.
Mohamad al-Musawi

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