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Question ID  3438  -  Fasting (Sawm)
Salaam Alaikum. I have a mouth ulcer in my mouth. Am i allowed to apply a gel that sticks to the ulcer while i am fasting. Thanks
Answer:-  Yes if no material goes inside your stomach.
Question ID  3437  -  Fasting (Sawm)
Asalamu Alaikum. I would like to know the Shahi Hadith Book reference on praying 2 Rakat Nawafil in reciting ikhlas 7 times in each Rakat then recite 70 times Astahfurulla Watubu ilaihi. Thanks Wasalam Mr Mbye
Answer:-  This is in our main Hadeeth books like Al-Wasa'el by Al-Hurr Al-Aamily and
Musradrak Al-Wasa'el by Al-Muhaddith Al-Noori.
Mohammad Al-Musawi

Question ID  3433  -  Fasting (Sawm)
What is considered a watan for fasting, and I heard you can only have 2 watans is there a limit?
Answer:-  Watan is the place in which you reside or have resided in the past and you
intend to reside in it in the future.
You can have one , two or more Watans.
Mohammad Al-Musawi
Question ID  3431  -  Fasting (Sawm)
Salam un Alaikum please reply to this asap. I am shia muslim, in my mid 20s. I have never ever masturbated in my life, never even touched the organ. I was talking to someone and got aroused, and by the time the time of suhoor ended. Now, there was some kind of liquid, I dont know what it was. I have read the difference between precum and all in detail, but I just cant decide, I am really kaseer ush shak so I am never able to decide. Now, being able to control myself from sins always, and right now I just dont know if I have invalidated my fast. I dont know of another forum to ask this. Please let me know what to do. I think it was clear sticky liquid, little amount. Just that this force and not force, I can ascertain. I just dont know! But can this be my case in worst case scenario? considering best case is that it was precum or sth. Please remember me in your prayers. Please reply.
Answer:-  Precum ( Mathi or Mazi) does not need even Wudhu let alone Ghusl. It leaks
with out gushing.
Mani (Semen) required Ghusl but it gushes out and it is usually followed by
whole body weakness.
If you doubt, then it is not semen. Your fast is valid and no Ghusl is
obligatory on you.
Mohammad Al-Musawi
Question ID  3427  -  Fasting (Sawm)
Salam mun alaikum agha What is the ruling of ayatollah sistani d. Z about the vapor which comes while cooking if unintentionally or normally while fasting we inhale it does it make the fast void and what if because of that vapour the is coughing wssalam
Answer:-  Fasting is valid.
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