The Prophet (SAWA) said: The best of deeds after performing Prayers, is making a believer happy with a lawful act.

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Question ID  3465  -  Fasting (Sawm) -  2016-07-23 20:15:02
I have kafara and I want to feed 60 poor do you know of any Islamic center that takes such money and feeds the poor and I could give them the money I live in India in city of Mumbai
Answer:-  You may contact Imaan Foundation who can arrange feeding poor Momineen all
over Indai.
The address is:
Najafi House, 159 Nishan Para Road, Mumbai 400009

Question ID  3463  -  Fasting (Sawm) -  2016-07-23 20:00:01
When are the days that a person fasts he gets reward of fasting for a month and does it have to be according to the hijri calender?
Answer:-  It is highly recommended to fast at least three days in every Hijri month.
Fasting three days makes the person get the reward of fasting thirty days
as every good deed is multiplied by ten.
In some books we have recommendation to fast the first and lasy Thursday
of the Hjri month and the middle Wednesday. Obviously, recommended fast
comes after clearing any Qadha fast.
Mohammad Al-Musawi

Question ID  3438  -  Fasting (Sawm) -  2016-06-29 14:30:01
Salaam Alaikum. I have a mouth ulcer in my mouth. Am i allowed to apply a gel that sticks to the ulcer while i am fasting. Thanks
Answer:-  Yes if no material goes inside your stomach.
Question ID  3437  -  Fasting (Sawm) -  2016-06-29 18:15:02
Asalamu Alaikum. I would like to know the Shahi Hadith Book reference on praying 2 Rakat Nawafil in reciting ikhlas 7 times in each Rakat then recite 70 times Astahfurulla Watubu ilaihi. Thanks Wasalam Mr Mbye
Answer:-  This is in our main Hadeeth books like Al-Wasa'el by Al-Hurr Al-Aamily and
Musradrak Al-Wasa'el by Al-Muhaddith Al-Noori.
Mohammad Al-Musawi

Question ID  3433  -  Fasting (Sawm) -  2016-06-28 03:30:01
What is considered a watan for fasting, and I heard you can only have 2 watans is there a limit?
Answer:-  Watan is the place in which you reside or have resided in the past and you
intend to reside in it in the future.
You can have one , two or more Watans.
Mohammad Al-Musawi
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