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Question ID  3427  -  Fasting (Sawm)
Salam mun alaikum agha What is the ruling of ayatollah sistani d. Z about the vapor which comes while cooking if unintentionally or normally while fasting we inhale it does it make the fast void and what if because of that vapour the is coughing wssalam
Answer:-  Fasting is valid.
Question ID  3420  -  Fasting (Sawm)
salamun alaykum.. i am pursiung aero. engg. in neemrana rajasthan. here in our college we are living with many sunni students and non muslim too.. right now in the month of mahe ramadan , our college facilitates us with sehri .. the boy who is head in our group orders cook for making food for 15 students but actually we are 7 to 8 students who offers fast.. but the remaining food gets distributed daily to other non muslim students.. cook doesnt knows this fact.. so i just want to know what is our responsibility regarding this type of condition ?
Answer:-  The people who are offering food for Sehri should agree on giving meals to
non fasting persons, and if they do not agree, it will be wrong to allow it.
Mohammad Al-Mysawi
Question ID  3405  -  Fasting (Sawm)
Salaam I am traveling from Iran back to my country on 2nd july and I will reach my destination before zohr but I will be in transit for few hrs in Istanbul Can I still fast and will the fast be valid I will reach Istanbul after fajr
Answer:-  You can not fast in Istanbul if your stay there is less than ten days. When
you reach your destination before Zohr, then you can fast.
Mohammad Al-Musawi

Question ID  3401  -  Fasting (Sawm)
I am fasting and am having cold and water is coming from nose can I take that water inside my nose if it has not come out of my nose? I follow ayatollah sis tani
Answer:-  Yes it is allowed. It is better to through it away if you can.
Mohammad Al-Musawi
Question ID  3400  -  Fasting (Sawm)
I was sitting in the mosque yesterday and I saw that azan for magrib was being recited I immediately eat some dates and broke my fast I later came to know that the person had recited azan 2 minutes before the time of magrib so is my fast valid?I follow ayatollah sistani
Answer:-  Your fast is valid.
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