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Question ID  4006  -  Fasting (Sawm)
Is Fasting haram on the days of Eid, Is then fasting on Eid al ghadeer recommended?
Answer:-  We have in Islam four Eids: Eidul Fitr, Eidul Adhha, Friday and Eidul Ghadeer.
Two Eids (Fitr and Adha) are not allowed to fast.
Other two Eids (Friday and Ghadeer) are recommended to fast.
Mohammad Al-Musawi

Question ID  3988  -  Fasting (Sawm)
Assalamualaikum.. i have done niyat of fasting 1 week after passing my degree.. now m unable to do because of some problems.. how much fidya show i pay for each day or i can fast any time i mean after a year also... can i do dis??
Answer:-  Wa Alaykum Assalam wr wb
You must fulfill your promise to Allah, otherwise the Kaffarah of not
fulfilling the Promise to Allah is feeding sixty poor persons.
Mohammad Al-Musawi
Question ID  3935  -  Fasting (Sawm)
Salam alaikum, Please what is the position of Shittu Shawwal according to our Imams(as)? Sunni proclaim this and I observed it when I was a sunni even till last year, I have even observed 1 fast out of the 6 this year, it just occurred to me to find out so I don`t just doing something without proof. Salawaat. Lukman
Answer:-  The narration of fasting six days immediately after Eid al Fitr is not

Question ID  3925  -  Fasting (Sawm)
salam Kya fidiya or kaffara kisi aur k behalf me de sakte hai maslan parents, wife, children? Aur kya e wajib hai son per apne parents, wife or children k behalf me dena? Jazakallah
Answer:-  It is allowed to pay Fidya or Kaffara on behalf of others.
It is not obligatory on the son to pay Fidya or Kaffara for his parents.
Mohammad Al-Musawi


Question ID  3924  -  Fasting (Sawm)
Sallam, I would like to know you eid statement for 2017 Thank you
Answer:-  Wa Alaykum Assalam wr wb
Eid will be on Monday iA

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