Imam al-Sadiq (AS) said, 'Generosity is one of the noble traits possessed by prophets. It is the pillar of belief, such that only a true believer will be generous, as well as one who possesses great certainty and high aspiration, for generosity is a gleam from the light of certainty, and the one who knows what he wants finds it easy to give away.


February 17, 2015

WABIL extends its heartfelt condolences to the Christian families of the  21 Egyptian Coptic Christians who were kidnapped by the self-proclaimed Islamic State, in Sirte, Libya.  We sympathise whole-heartedly that this has been a painful ordeal for the families as news of the kidnappings was confirmed but the barbaric executions were not confirmed for some time, adding to the torment of the families. Our condolences to all peace-loving Egyptians at this difficult time.

We stand with the Egyptian Christian community in their hour of pain, and we urge thegovernment of Libya to take decisive action to bring the murderous perpetrators to justice.

We comfort the families of those killed, and reassure them that their blood has not been shed in vain. 

We call upon peace-keeping international bodies to eradicate the murderous group ISIS and to hold to account all those funding, arming, and supporting these criminals.


Sayed Mohammad Al-Musawi

World Ahlul Bayt Islamic League


February 2015

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