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Question ID  4758  -  Music and Singing -  2019-07-09 17:30:01
Assalam alaikum darood o salam. My qstn is i want to open musical fast food corner for a reffreshment, earnig of income is halah are haram
Answer:-  I have already replied this question. Musical business is not allowed. Fast food is allowed as far as it it does not contain non Halal food or harmful food.
Mohammad Al-Musawi

Question ID  3091  -  Music and Singing -  2016-01-25 11:45:01
Salamunalaukum Are we allowed to hear raps about Imam Ali ? Thank you
Answer:-  If it is considered as songs or music which is usually used by sinners,
then it is not allowed.
Mohammad Al-Musawi
Question ID  3011  -  Music and Singing -  2015-12-27 03:00:02
Is sufi music alowwed or not?
Answer:-  Any music used by the sinners including Sufi music is Not allowed.
Question ID  2626  -  Music and Singing -  2015-06-27 20:15:02
Is it jaez / halal to work for a Holding Company where one of the subsidiaries is involved in selling music or has an astrology website, income from which goes to the holding company ? Are there any conditions which may allow a Muslim to work there.
Answer:-  It is not allowed to work for any company which does unlawful business.
Mohammad Al-Musawi
Question ID  2346  -  Music and Singing -  2015-03-10 02:00:01
Salaamun Alaykum I am in taqlid of Ayatollah Khamenei. Is it allowed to go to a place such as the dentist where there is haram music which reaches our ears, but it is at such a low noise level that hearing does not amount to listening. wasalaam
Answer:-  If you do not listen, then you are not committing a sin.
Mohammad Al-Musawi

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