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Question ID  674  -  Music and Singing -  2013-08-12 09:45:01
salam alakum, can you please explain to me whether classic music is haram? what forms of music is halal? 536. Music that is permissible is the music that does not entail entertainment in gatherings held for that purpose. Forbidden music is the music that is suitable for entertainment and amusement gatherings. By the above statement, does classic music become halal or haram if it is music that is not used for gatherings or sinning! Wal saam alakum
Answer:-  Classic music which is usually used by the sinners is not allowed.

Question ID  626  -  Music and Singing -  2013-07-26 00:15:01
If there is a good documentary about animals but has background tunes in it can a person see that documentary?
Answer:-  The background tunes should not be like the music which is usually used by
the sinners.

Mohammad al-Musawi

Question ID  450  -  Music and Singing -  2013-06-04 20:58:12
Salam Alaikum, I always explain to my non muslim friends that anything HARAAM in islam is also scientifically harmful for a human. This way I have helped many of them stay from alcohal and other bad habits. ( if not at least they not do openly ) But I am not able to explain how the Music can be harmfull. They argue that it is good for health and mind gets fresh when one listens to music. If possible please help me how to convince them to stop insisting on listening to Music Syed Munis Raza
Answer:-  Please read the book, Music and its Effects by A.H Sheriff, which states many scientefic facts that you may be looking for. Please visit to read this book
Question ID  388  -  Music and Singing -  2013-03-27 11:30:06
Is it allowed to play bongo (small drum) or a Drum itself which has got a hide only on 1 side and other side is not covered. Also, is it allow to sing worldly songs (from films or music albums) without music.
Answer:-  It is not allowed to play bongo or any other musical instrument, and it is
also not allowed to sing worldly songs even with out music.
Mohammad al-Musawi
Question ID  357  -  Music and Singing -  2013-03-06 22:00:01
Salamun alaikum wRwB, I am a Muslim in the west and I do not listen to music, but when I go to certain places the people specifically the non-muslims play music, but even other people who call themselves muslims listen to music. A specific place for me is in my High School where even some of the teachers play their music from their computers and sometimes they even use music to help them teach their lessons. Should I tell the teachers to turn off the music because Islam doesn't permit music? I have been struggling with this in my mind and sometimes when I felt like I was going to tell them, I would get a little nervous and not tell them because I would get different thoughts and maybe they were doubts/waswas from shaytan that telling the people to turn off the music "may move people away from Islam". Can you please clarify for me what I should do so that I can ignore any doubts from shaytan, and Insha-Allah I will be able to do it with the help of Allah (SWT). p.s. I ride the bus to school and the bus drivers put music on and I usually just listen to nohay/latmiya & anasheed from my iPhone while the music is on so that I can ignore the music. Is this okay? Thank you Syedna,
Answer:-  You keep yourself away from sinful acts including listening to music and
songs, but do not force others on that because it might have bad effect on
them. Try to explain to those who might be able to understand the Islamic
rule on music and songs and the whole reason behind all Islamic rules of
Halal and Haraam which is based only on the interest and benefit of human
Mohammad al-Musawi
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