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Question ID  664  -  Major Sins -  2013-08-07 05:45:01
Asalam'alykum. May Allah Glorified bless you and your family. From the age of 8 problems in life especially from severe bullying and attacks at school made me depressed. In my mid to late teens I drank alcohol, purchased alcohol for myself and non-Muslims and ate pork. In my early twenties I became very sorry for this. I have since repented feeling upset and ashamed and tried to be a good Muslim. I have even become very ill and nearly died. I became malnourished losing muscle as well, which I accepted because I lost from my body the unlawful filth I drank and ate from before. Unfortunately a few years have passed and I am still suffering. I repent everyday but still feel like I am cursed by God and being punished. What more can I do to lift this curse from the alcohol and pork (if there is one) because my daily physical health is bad, I lost my job some years ago and now I'm mentally depressed and I don't think I can carry on. Thanks, Wa'Salam'alaykum.
Answer:-  If you have sincerely repented and really decided not to commit such sins again, you need to seek forgiveness and never lose hope in the mercy of Allah (SWT) as He forgives all sins ( except monotheism).
Repeating Istighfaar especially during night time and while you are in Sojood, or during the Qonoot of Salatul Witr which is the last Rak'at of Salatul Layl, is very helpful.
Never doubt the promise of Allah (SWT) to forgive those who sincerely repent and seek forgiveness. In fact, sincere repentance might cause transforming the previous sins into good deeds as we read in Quran.
Mohammad al-Musawi

Question ID  635  -  Major Sins -  2013-07-31 00:15:01
Salaam how does one know they have been forgiven after repenting there sins? And upon gaining knowledge and realising what they were doing was a sin they stopped and never repeated that act eversince and repented. What are the signs of forgiveness?
Answer:-  We can not say for sure that our previous sins are definitely gone away and
forgiven, so, we need to keep on always sincere repentance and seeking
forgiveness, keeping in our hearts along with fear from our sins the fact
that Allah (SWT) is The Best Forgiver, and The Most Merciful.
Mohammad al-Musawi
Question ID  609  -  Major Sins -  2013-07-22 21:00:01
salaam u alaikum, a hadith from Imam Sadiq (AS)'Do not cut down fruit trees for Allah will pour down punishment unto you', my question is, i have done this, but at the time i did not know at all that it was a sin, now that i have read this i feel that i may be being punished because of it, what can i do to stop it, and make my mistake right ? do i have to plant the fruit trees again ?
Answer:-  You may repeat Istighfaar and plant a fruit tree.
Mohammad al-Musawi

Question ID  570  -  Major Sins -  2013-07-07 18:45:02
I cannot satisfy my wife she says me that.. aap kamzor ho gaye ho bohot aapka bohot jaldi flow ho jata hai... m sorry to ask you this question but pls can u suggest me how can I satisfy my wife
Answer:-  Try to prolong the foreplay time with your wife. If the problem remains,
you need to see a doctor.
Question ID  554  -  Major Sins -  2013-07-03 19:45:01
Salam, I have seizures this prevents me from working for a living and providing for my children and myself. I have been on the waiting list for medical and housing assistance for 3 years my home I rent from is foreclosed the owner lost it. I am a legal marijuana patient is it haram for me to use? Or sell it to get by or provide for myself ? I have ask for help from the Muslim community and those owning businesses no help. How do I survive?
Answer:-  It is not allowed in Islam to consume, sell or buy any intoxicant.
Mohammad al-Musawi
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