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Question ID  857  -  Dress and Clothing -  2013-11-19 02:45:01
Assalamalaikum! Is it haram to wear prescription coloured contact lens? Thank you.
Answer:-  If the contact lens is not considered as an ornament, then it is allowed to
wear it, and vice versa.
Mohammad al-Musawi

Question ID  804  -  Dress and Clothing -  2013-10-18 08:30:02
Salam My marja is ayatullah khameine amd i would like to know if it is allowed to wear a tie, with a suit.
Answer:-  The Fatwa which is known says that it is allowed to wear it unless wearing
it becomes a support to the anti Islamic culture.
You may refer to the website of Ayatullah Khamenei office who can provide
the latest Fatwa.
Question ID  756  -  Dress and Clothing -  2013-09-20 14:45:01
Salamunalaikum, What is the ruling for wearing black or green footwear for both male and female?
Answer:-  It is allowed to wear black or green footwear for both men or women.

Question ID  742  -  Dress and Clothing -  2013-09-15 00:45:01
Can one pray with a small leather patch stitched at the back of trousers / jeans, if that leather patch is unknown to be from zabiha / halal sources . Pls answer as per Syed Al Khoie
Answer:-  If that leather patch is from non Halal animal, then it is Najis and the
Prayer will be invalid. If you have no knowledge that it is from Halal
animal, you are not allowed to pray wearing such leather.
Mohammad al-Musawi
Question ID  711  -  Dress and Clothing -  2013-08-26 19:00:01
As Salaam Alaykum I pray Allah swt rewards you for your great work. My question is as follows: Can you please give your view on certain rocks on rings, i.e. Aqeeq, Dur e Najaf, Hadid, etc. What is the significance and/or benefits of wearing certain rocks on our rings.
Answer:-  It is Mustahab (recommended) to wear a ring. Any gem or stone will do and
even if the ring has no stone at all. Aqeeq is mentioned in many hadeethes
that it makes the reward of the Prayer multiplied by seventy, and other
stones are also mentioned in our books. Durr Najaf is mentioned that when
you look at it, you will get reward of Ziyarat of Imam Ali (AS). Hadeed is
mentioned for safety and protection from dangers.
Mohammad al-Musawi
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