The Prophet (SAWA) said: The best of deeds after performing Prayers, is making a believer happy with a lawful act.

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Question ID  711  -  Dress and Clothing -  2013-08-26 19:00:01
As Salaam Alaykum I pray Allah swt rewards you for your great work. My question is as follows: Can you please give your view on certain rocks on rings, i.e. Aqeeq, Dur e Najaf, Hadid, etc. What is the significance and/or benefits of wearing certain rocks on our rings.
Answer:-  It is Mustahab (recommended) to wear a ring. Any gem or stone will do and
even if the ring has no stone at all. Aqeeq is mentioned in many hadeethes
that it makes the reward of the Prayer multiplied by seventy, and other
stones are also mentioned in our books. Durr Najaf is mentioned that when
you look at it, you will get reward of Ziyarat of Imam Ali (AS). Hadeed is
mentioned for safety and protection from dangers.
Mohammad al-Musawi
Question ID  622  -  Dress and Clothing -  2013-07-23 18:30:01
Syed Sistani says the following in the book Code of practice for Muslims in the West, does it stand true as per ruling of syed al Khoei? “It is not forbidden to wear a tie, even if it is from pure silk because it is not [big enough material] to cover the private parts that must be covered [in prayer]. As for the item that is mixed with other material to the extent that it cannot be described as “pure silk,” it is permissible to wear, even if it [is big enough so that it] can cover the private parts that must be covered [in prayer].”
Answer:-  Yes, it is the same.

Question ID  488  -  Dress and Clothing -  2013-05-19 15:30:03
are men allowed to wear Neck Tie made of Silk? since Necktie is generally considered as an accessory similar to a handkerchief and not clothing
Answer:-  It is not allowed for men to wear natural silk in any form even if it was a
tie. Handkerchief of natural silk is allowed if you keep it in your pocket,
but not allowed if put it on your body as part of your cloth.
Mohammad al-Musawi
Question ID  487  -  Dress and Clothing -  2013-05-19 15:30:04
is it permissible for men to wear a garments which are made of mixed fibers of Silk + Synthetic? hence not considered Pure Silk but contains silk in a proportion?
Answer:-  If the mixed fiber is not called natural silk, then it is allowed for men
to wear it. If it is called natural silk, then it will be not allowed for
men to wear it.
Mohammad al-Musawi
Question ID  426  -  Dress and Clothing -  2013-04-20 21:45:03
SALAAMUN ALAIKUM i have found written in book TEHZEEB UL ISLAM BY ALLAMA MAJILISI that there is also circumcision for a girl?is it so?how please explain?
Answer:-  No, there is no circumcision for females. There must have been an error in

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