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Question ID  2424  -  Dress and Clothing -  2015-04-11 13:15:01
Salam. Will you please take some time out to answer a few of my questions? -What is a shia hijab. -i cover myself properly and wear lose dresses, is it still important for me to cover my hair? - is it important for me to wear abaya? Or will the head scarf with proper covering suffice? -if i do wear a head scarf is it imp for me to cover my chin? My ears? -is it imp for me to cover my wrists? Or can i go with my regular routine of wearing sleeves upto my elbows? -are there any hadiths or farameen by our Imams stating anything related to men doing pardah? If there is any. Please mention the sources. Thank you so much for your time. Jazak Allah.
Answer:-  Islamic Hijab is the same for all Muslim women whether Shia or Sunni.
It is obligatory on you when you go out or in front of non Mahram, to cover
whole of your body and hair, except your face circle and hands from the
wrist. Covering the chin and ears is obligatory. All your hair must be
There is no Parda on men but they are not allowed to uncover their body in
front of women in a way which can cause sinful thoughts.
Mohammad Al-Musawi

Question ID  2148  -  Dress and Clothing -  2014-12-09 02:30:01
Salam alaykum Maulana Question is I am 66 years old inshallah planning to go for Hajj Umrah am I allowed to wear a white underwear with a liner for protection of bladder incontinance that I experience once in a while pls rsvp thx for the tabligh
Answer:-  You are allowed to use that textile for medical reasons, but avoid wearing
stitched underwear. You can cover your private parts with textile which
should not be stitched.
Mohammad al-Musawi
Question ID  2042  -  Dress and Clothing -  2014-11-16 07:30:01
Salaamun alaykum My question is : Are women allowed to participate in ashura processions with men if they are covered properly? If yes, what are the conditions? And is it mustahab or no? Can women walk in front of men in those processions if they are in full hijab? Thank u very very much.
Answer:-  It is not advisable for young women to come out in front of men if the
women are with full Hijab, and it is Haraam if the woman is with out full
Mohammad al-Musawi
Question ID  1934  -  Dress and Clothing -  2014-09-29 15:30:01
Is it haram to wear false lashes and wigs?
Answer:-  It is allowed but not in front of non Mahram men.
Mohammad al-Musawi
Question ID  1553  -  Dress and Clothing -  2014-07-13 21:15:01
Are women allowed to wear perfume when going out where there are mixed people?
Answer:-  No, it is not allowed.
We have Hadeeths that such woman wearing perfume in mixed gathering will be
Mohammad al-Musawi

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