Imam Ali (AS) said, 'The heart can only be made use of [to the best of its capacity] with generosity.

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Question ID  582  -  Zakat and Khums -  2013-07-15 00:15:02
Salaamalaykum. I incorrectly used to think that Islamic Tax was Zakat 2.5% on any new earnings and was giving this each month for three years. I now realise that it should have been Khums 20% on any new earnings and certain un-used items. For the years I paid 2.5% how should I proceed, for example, should I give the remaining 17.5% for those years or does it need to be 20% as the intention back then was incorrectly Zakat? Regards and Duas.
Answer:-  Yes, you have to complete the due amounts of Khums which are 20%..

Question ID  581  -  Zakat and Khums -  2013-07-15 00:15:02
Salaamalaykum, may Allah (SWT) Bless you and your family and keep you always with Him and His most beloved representatives the Holy Prophet Muhammad (saw) and his Ahlulbayt (as). Please can you advise me on how to get in touch with Ayatollah Sistani because I need his permission to pay my missed Khums in affordable instalments, I currently pay through the World Federation web site. Regards and Duas.
Answer:-  As Ayatullah does not talk on phone as he is extremely busy, we will try to
assist as much as we can Insha Allah.
You may telephone this number for details. 00447956837596
Question ID  557  -  Zakat and Khums -  2013-07-02 08:15:01
Assalamalaykum, I am under the Taqleed of Ayatollah Seestani.My husband has kept Rs 25 Lakh as a fixed deposit in an Indian Bank since last 2 years.We get an annual interest of 9% on a monthly basis.We did not put any condition as such in front of the bank to pay us this much.We have absolutely no other source of income.We use the interest thus generated for our daily expenses and to support our large family.My queries are as under: 1-Is the interest Halal or Haram? 2.Can this money be used for religious functions like Nazaro Niaz,Majlis e Isaal e Sawaab etc? 3.What are the Khums ahkam on such interest received and for the entire amount of Rs 25 Lakh at the end of the year? Jazak Allah Hope for a speedy reply. Feeamanillah.
Answer:-  Interest given by non Muslim bank is allowed.
Lawful money can be spent in religious purposes.
Khums must be paid at the end of the year,so, the whole amount of 25 must be applied for Khums as it is with you since more than year. The income which is received must be calculated if any thing remains after spending your lawful usual expenses.

Question ID  510  -  Zakat and Khums -  2013-06-06 11:15:01
salaam, what is the ruling on giving charity to non muslim charities who are helping people and providing food for the needy here in UK, sometimes they are doing more work then some muslim charities who take might take money for themselves ?? can we give our old clothes to the non muslim charity shops for them to sell or should we give to muslim people ?
Answer:-  If you are sure that they make your donation reach to the poor and needy
with out any religious discrimination or religious colour, then you can
give it through them. The problem with many non Muslim organizations is the
agendas which they have according to their own thinking which does not
always go along with Islamic faith to help every human being with out any
discrimination. It is better to look for sincere Muslims who can make your
donation reach to the real needy. Keep in mind that charity starts at home,
so try to make your donation help the needy who are near to you first.
Mohammad al-Musawi

Question ID  482  -  Zakat and Khums -  2013-05-19 15:45:02
Asalammu alaykum wr wb, I am in the taqlid of Sayyid Sistani. Is it permissible for me to donate half my khums (sehme-Imam) to the construction of a Shia Islamic Centre? Is there any need to approach the office of the Ayatollah directly or can I go ahead and give the money to this cause? Thank you Jawad
Answer:-  If the Islamic Center has a permission from the Marja of Taqleed to receive
Khums, then you can give them according to the permission. If they do not
have a valid permission, you need to seek permission before using Sahm e
Imam in any project or good cause.
Mohammad al-Musawi

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