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Question ID  4577  -  Womens Issues -  2019-01-19 01:30:02
Maulana saheb this email is not to ask any question but to thank you very very much for answering my questions. You are a great person who is helping people all around the world with different issues.
Answer:-  Wa Alaykum Assalam wr wb
Thank you for your DU'A.
May Allah (SWT) bless you and your family.
Question ID  4557  -  Womens Issues -  2019-01-06 03:00:02
AsalmuAlikum, Can a woman enter in karbala and other shrines during her periods
Answer:-  Yes she can the court ( Sahn) but not the inside parts which are like
Mohammad Al-Musawi
Question ID  4525  -  Womens Issues -  2018-12-07 03:45:01
Is a woman allowed to apply hair dye during her period (hayz) or when she is junub? if yes after applying hair dye will the ghusl she will do will be valid as hair dyes coats the hair and I dont know if water reaches hair or not during ghusl in that case?
Answer:-  It is Makrouh ( disliked) to dye or apply Henna during Menstrual period, or
Janabat, but it is not Haraam.
Since the colour does not form a layer and it is just a colour, it does not
harm Wuzu or Ghusl.
Mohammad Al-Musawi

Question ID  4451  -  Womens Issues -  2018-10-22 13:30:02
After engagement (not performed nikah)can a girl in a hijab meet his fiance and can talk.
Answer:-  Before Nikah, she is non Mahram to him.


Question ID  4304  -  Womens Issues -  2018-04-27 14:15:02
Assalamualaikum, if i have a sign of menstruation, then for a few days nothing happen then a few drops again and then after a few more days only the flow as normal until complete the cycle for 5to7 days. My question is when we start the count of menstruation for that time. Do we still can pray? Wasalam
Answer:-  Total number of menstruation days can not be less than three days nor more
than ten days. During these days of menstruation, there will be no Salah (
Mohammad Al-Musawi

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